Feb 25, 2017


Dear all,

After long contemplations and endless thoughts, I have decided to stop writing in this blog and will be moving to another website. I am going to start fresh, clean, and pour my thoughts in a more mature way. From politics, economics, law, philosophy to literature - I'm going to spill everything there - a new place to be.

I haven't decided yet on buying a new domain, but I'll update here of my new website.

Thank you for the past a decade of togetherness. I'll miss this blog.


Feb 1, 2017

British Host Family

I am taking break for a while after long hours of studying since this morning(of course, it includes scrolling through facebook, lunch, pray, instagramming hehe) hence this blog post.

Two weeks ago, I went to Haslemere in Surrey to visit my British host family whom we've been contacting through email ever since last December. I hopped on the train early in the morning and arrived the station just to find out that my host was waiting and she hugged me so tight the first time we met.

I was like, awwww this is such a warm welcome for me. We keep on talking in the car and she brought me to a mansion for a visit(sorry, I can't exactly remember though the name) but it was such a beautiful place indeed. 

After the visit, we went to Angela's house for a long chat and lunch. I was welcomed by her dog( but I was sooo scared that I ran in the house).  Luckily, Angela understood that as a Muslim I am not allowed to touch dogs(actually I can, provided that I can only touch with dry hands) and I can only say hi to her dog from afar. The conversation was interesting, we were talking from Malaysia,religion, classical musics and my future plan. To be fair, they asked about my future plan if I am planning to have a family in the future since Angela herself is unmarried and her friend does not have any kids. Of course, I do have a plan to have my own family, but its still a long way to go. I am happy on my own and unwilling to leave the freedom that I have as for now.

She prepared good foods, ensure that the foods are made up of halal ingredients and get me stuffed the whole day with abundance of desserts. My oh my, I am not a good cook and I barely cook properly when in Queen Mary - thus free and proper foods are very much welcomed!

I'm guessing that such experience of having hosting international students within the British families and communities is a golden experience to understand culture and religion, while at the same time to find the common values and toleration that we have in between.

Before I could join this programme, my university did background checking on me (and even Angela!) to ensure the safety and security - so worry not people! I hopped on the train to a place where I have never been, to meet a person who I may not know what is her intention - but all that we have to do is have faith, take risks sometimes and believe that it will turn out to be a good experience.

I will definitely join this again this year with another family.

Jan 11, 2017

New Term New Year New Resolution

Time flies so fast ! I felt like it was just yesterday when I finished my last paper for IB exam and here I am in London - going for a new term!

I guess this year will means a lot to me. So many new year resolutions to achieve, yet so little time I have( or I'm just good at procrastinating?).

One of the biggest thing that I will try to achieve this year is to perform Umrah during this year's winter break. There is such a silent calling asking me to perform umrah, and seeing some of the Malaysian students performing umrah last winter break makes the feeling to go to Mecca & Medina grows stronger.

Dear, I honestly don't know why would such whisper has been coming from the inner me from quite some time. I used to think I am not prepared for that. I thought I was full of sin and I would definitely go when my sin is lesser(quite weird, I know). Maybe I need to pray Solat Taubah everyday and make Allah provides a path for me to go since it is definitely hard to perform umrah for a woman without being accompanied by any of male family members.

Ah, I shall go there someday. I know I would. InsyaAllah.

Oh, and I am bouncing back to my studies after feeling tad demotivated due to low marks I've received for my formative essays. The struggle is real -  I don't have much support for my undergraduate studies, unlike those good old days when I did my IB where everyone cares for each other and wanted to fly abroad together. True, to have such a good support system would makes a lot of difference to your studies and definitely helpful to ace your studies. So, the new year resolution for my studies is merely to get a first for my first year, although it is nearly impossible for me to do so.

On a side note, I will ensure myself to update this blog frequently - at least once in a month. I know no one is reading my blog these days, and I too, have been spilling my thoughts more on facebook and instagram rather than this blog. This blog has been faithful to me for more than 10 years and I will not going to bid it farewell that easy.

I need to study, bye.