Aug 24, 2016

WISE Summer School

Remember about the story of my scholarship under UNRIBA? This is what I'm talking about, the WISE Summer School.

Many have been asking me, how do I know about this programme? What is it all about ?
Actually, I've always been attending Saturday Night Lecture held at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia at UTM Semarak, even during exam week. Sometimes the lecture will be given by Prof Zainy or Prof Wan, and seldom (and exclusively) presented by Prof. Naquib Al-Attas himself. I had the opportunity of attending both lectures from Prof Naquib Al-Attas & the students himself. The talk will be discussing on the books written by Prof Naquib Al-Attas and understanding about the Worldview of Islam. 

Through that, I received a pamphlete promoting about this summer school and I've been dreaming on attending it once in a lifetime, at least before I flew off to the UK. Turn out, my wish is granted by Allah and I successfully attended the full course of summer school while waiting this September for my undergraduate studies enrollment in London.


Day 1 : Enrollment and checked-in at Scholar's Inn. My roommate is an American Muslim from California, currently a student of Zaytuna College.

Before attending this course, there's this one pre-course assignment, on reading the Introduction to the Prolegomena To The Metaphysics of Islam and writing a summary of it, that should be hand-in right during the registration.




So cozy! We were literally staying here for a week!


The next day, I went for a breakfast provided by the hotel and yes, the food was good. Eating will always be an opportunity to discuss and make friends with other participants.


We have two lectures a day, one session in the morning and the other one is in the afternoon.


Some of the pictures of myself while asking questions to the Presenters. Bear in mind that most of the lecturers throughout the summer school are Professors & Dr, and the rest are PhD candidates. They are really good at presenting and precisely explain on the topics that were being handed at them. Also, you're free to ask questions and to discuss your thoughts if you want as it is allowed and permissible by the presenters.

Ok, too much formalities and spontaneous face reactions here.Hahaha ._.


Probably the luckiest girl ever for being able to visit here twice; once in the year 2015 when I was doing my Extended Essay and the other one is during WISE. Although I must admit the second visit is when I get to wander around the place and the halls. Much beautiful and astonishment for this beautiful place envisioned through Prof. Naquib Al-Attas' thoughts and ideas.

SPECIAL LECTURE : By Prof Naquib Al-Attas

Ah this one, I'm thinking on how lucky I was for this summer school this time around. I've had the chance to listen to his lectures three times; once at Sasana Kijang during the launching of his book On Justice & The Nature of Man and the other two was at UTM KL. 


I cant exactly remember of the topics discussed, but I'd summarise in my own word here :

Day 1 : Intellectual Movements
Day 2 : Logic
Day 3 : Didn't go
Day 4 : Journey as a CASIS Student ( A sharing session)

The coffee discussion is not obligated to all, so it is fine to either attend or not. It is just an initiative to ensure that participants will make use most of their time during the summer school. Personally to me,  I liked attending the discussion as it is informal and you get to sit anywhere you want and ask anything. 


I've had the best tutorial class thus far with Brother Muhammad Ikhwan and other mates that can be very mindblowing at times, at least to me. Maybe it was just fated for us to be together and share whatever we have in our mind during the tutorial classes. Brother Ikhwan, as usual, will always be entertaining our questions and queries with full of wisdom.

I didn't get to attend the closing ceremony, so I didn't know what was going on there. However, I felt blessed to be there and understand a bit of Worldview of Islam. Its a long way to go though, and yet the life after the summer school is only a beginning to an endless road of becoming a wiser Muslim.
Probably the best thing ever happened in my life for this year. Alhamdulillah.