Mar 25, 2016

On Mahler's Music

I love listening to music. Music as in, choices of song that will remind me of certain events, my childhood, high school years or I don't know..what seems audible to me.

I think music is a part of an art, and I love arts. I love coming to theater and watch without blinking, and yet I've never had the chance to attend orchestra.

However, last year on the end of the year, I decided to buy a ticket to Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra(MPO) inside KLCC. It was exciting! I went with a friend of mine who plays violin, and she liked it too.

It was Gustave Mahler's Symphony. I've never heard of Mahler, but I do listen to Beethoven and Mozart. 

I don't how to say, but the whole thing is just beautiful. I spoke to Hajar(the friend that came with me);

"Babe, lepas I kahwin I nak date sini."
" Then you gotta marry a man who appreciates music."
"I know right! I hope he won't feel sleepy throughout the orchestra."

Too princessy right? But I really put this place in one of my wishlists of places to go right after I'm married. Of course, the hall is beautiful and extremely intricate. I did even write a few poem inside my notebook while listening to the orchestra :)

On my thoughts while re-listening to Mahler;

Seorang lelaki bernama Gustave Mahler, seperti Beethoven dan Mozart - seolah-olah memberitahu aku betapa lelaki tidak mampu untuk menyampaikan perasaannya dalam bentuk kata-kata. Sedalam mana cinta yang Mahler miliki kepada Alma, hanya mampu diluahkan dengan nota-nota muzik, akhirnya dimainkan dengan penuh perasaan oleh orang lain. 

Mungkin ada benarnya.Kadang kala cinta tak dapat diungkap sebagai sajak dalam bentuk kata-kata. Tetapi ditulis dalam irama dan dipanggil 'poet-composer', menghimpunkan aksara-aksara dalam bentuk nota muzik menjadi sebuah lagu - sebuah sajak yang lengkap untuk jiwa-jiwa yang mendalami.

Betapa sukar memahami hati seorang lelaki.

P/S : Pasca Mahler's Revelation, Philharmonic Orchestra.

As I listened to Mahler's Symphony, I feel the need to read the entire composed songs in a form of words. There must be a story behind a composed song, so much so that it inspires him to write it that way. Either the anger, anguish, the torment and agony of facing challenges - all a facade of each song written by Mahler. Without even a shred of doubt, each of the song recited at MPO was harmonically, structurally, orchestration wise and length wise. It defines a peak of emotion and expression instilled in human. Something about the music is speaking to me..I supposed!

I made some effort to google the life of Mahler; and he was not what I thought. He suffered from a psychosomatic nervous tic in his right leg and he was unable to move freely, and even inherited his mother's heart defect. I think that's how you come into getting respect from the world; through hell of life challenges that drives you to do nothing but excel.

That's all. I suddenly feel like talking about Mahler and my desire to go on a date at MPO next time.

p/s : Not that kind of date. Of course my kind of date will be with my bestfriend.

pp/s : Dear you,

You got me at,
"I love reading, especially with vanilla latte as the best companion.And listening to music, Mahler sometimes.Beethoven and Mozart everytime.Or any orchestra will do."