Mar 22, 2016


Countdown IB exam : I lost count.40 days? I don't know.
Countdown to 20 year old : 16 days

It just feels like spilling. I don't know why, but it just feels that way. But I've always succumbed by own thoughts and monologues, hardly expressed by words. Rather explaining it is hard, or even worse, that there's no word to explain what I ought to tell.

Situation is a bit catastrophe to me. Almost everything comes at the wrong time and I feel dizzy over it. Sometimes in my life, I wish I could pick and choose things and events to happen at the right time, right moment, and at my very right feeling.

As I am about to reach 20 year old( and that is a signal that I am no longer young), there are few events escalated too quickly. I won't tell, but it is just dramatically escalated in my life event. So much so that I really need to run on the escalator of life just to keep myself at the same point as I am running my daily business.

Anyway, I came across reading Buya Hamka Tafseer Al-Azhar; and I think the tafseer was eloquent and well-written in words. It fits me at the right situation every time I flipped through the book. MasyaAllah, He's really teaching me something.

And, alhamdulillah I've passed my JPJ test after god-knows-how-many-times-I've-tried. So happy that now I'm driving KL - KMB and even to Kuala Selangor at night without a 'P' yet. Happy as I could drive my family to whereever they wish to go, at least I could lessen their tiredness of driving. Bless is just therefore, an underestimate.

" I still remember the days I prayed for the things I have now" - said anonymous

One week back, during my mid semester break, I went(I mean, I drove :p) to UIA just to see my girls! How they've all grown up so fast and beautiful and I feel old reminding old days where we were so rebellious back then.

It was so random that one of my friend invited me to go and listen to Islamic Worldview class, and I have no doubt at all to join in. Worse comes to worst, I met an old friend during primary school that we were once captain for handball together. We didn't get to see each other often, but I could still remember how I greeted him the first time after four years as we got first place for PMR result in Negeri Selangor. He's a great debater in English and Arab now, but he used to be one lame joke that I often talked with back then 8 years ago. Things just work too fast, and I keep on holding to sentimental and memories.

Alright, I get to go. Chemistry exercises await and with 41 days left to IB exam - I shouldn't be wasting my time. For those who has always been loyal to read my blog( I know there are), thank you but there's nothing useful here. Just some random spilling and scattered thoughts that I keep to be shared publicly. Some great matters, I keep it to self. Some personal events, I will write in a book that I keep with me.

Your prayers is highly appreciated.