Jul 17, 2016

A blessing after the other

Everyday reminds me to be grateful for what God has given to me for the past years. How beauty to see my life works according to His plan and to foresee(or I'd say : expect) that there's always a silver lining behind a rainbow.

Recently, I told my friends that I am on a cheapskate budget and I thought I should get to work in order to fund myself for WISE Summer School which costs me around RM 1500. I wanted to use my own saving in the beginning, but thinking that I might need them in the future - I thought that I really need to find a proper part time job. In the first place, I refused to do so thinking that I could do more with family during my holidays. I mean, house chores are something that I enjoy doing and I want to ensure that every time my parents came home from work, this house will be clean with no dishes in the sink and clothes are folded and kept in the closet. 

So I tried and hoped for a scholarship under UNRIBA which will only be given to 5 persons, provided that one should write an essay about Life without Riba(interest/loan). Alhamdulillah, I made it successfully and secured full scholarship to WISE Summer School this August insyaAllah.

Again, Allah blessed me with a good IB result that came out on first day of Raya (6th July 2016) on 8pm. Although I haven't even celebrate my Eid very well, but it was worth the wait. Alhamdulillah I got 37 from total points, successfully passed the minimum requirement set by MARA and the university I am applying to. Next day, an email came into my inbox informing me that I received an unconditional offer to Queen's Mary University of London, the university I've been dreaming to go since Year 1 at KMB.

So yes, Inshaallah I'll be enrolling to QMUL this September under a lawschool.

See you sometime,