Jun 23, 2016

Post IB

Where was I when IB exam ended?

I was, and still am, happily catching up with things I never( or hardly) get to do when I was in IB.

I mean, apart from being in love, I am happy catching up with my grandparents, my friends, Qur'an, reading good books, good foods, learning how to cook and finishing all house chores from A-Z.

The contentment, alhamdulillah is all I can say.

Right now I am not in KL so it feels so cool when you're able to escape the hustle bustle of taking LRTs, taxis and whatever that your routines are up to. I mean, yeah, look at your life when you're at kampung - all you do is read,write,sleep,waiting for prayer time, preparing meals, get to do qiamullail peacefully and the list goes on.

Although it feels quite weird that I am unable to attend many lectures and discussions in KL, but I find some sort of peace of mind as I stayed in the village for the fourth day.

It gives me a space for contemplation to make decisions and to peacefully think about things I never had the chance to think of. I think about what am I going to do next, how ready I am to be married to someone, is he the right person, should I accept his proposal, and what about my life if I cannot pass the cut-off points once IB result is announced?

There goes my Plato thinking, leading to many presumptions and fear of what is waiting for my future.Then, I'll silently tell myself that it's okay and we'll just follow the flow.

Here I am making my spiritual journey.
To let go of matters which I have no power to change or make, and let God do his work.
To silently pray before berbuka so that He'll ease every matter passing through my life.
To solemnly ask God to make me stronger no matter what come through.

"The Help of Allah is near.." [ Al-Baqarah :214]