Mar 11, 2016

Women's Day and My Superwoman

I have a mother who is very much career-oriented, and actively involved with so many things beyond her job as a lawyer. I grew up accompanying her to court in the very early of morning( and I'm totally not a morning person), or tagging along her to various of events.I'm very much well-known among her friends, allowing me to get extra-popularity(?) and more duit raya(?), heh. She's a multi-tasker; a mother, a good cook, a lawyer, a chauffeur and somebody else's clinging place to ask for help/legal advice/opinion/you name it.

I get it that a woman does not necessarily have to be at kitchen as I grew up seeing my mother doing many things beyond a kitchen. Though I am well-aware of old people who kept on saying that we girls belong to the kitchen that we do not need to attain higher education as we'll end up being a cook. Social fabric has determined that woman is often associated to doing house chores as they choose to be a wife, but that's not just it.

I once had a good conversation with my friend. Her mother is not good at multi-tasking, therefore their family have been hiring a bibik that will be doing all their house chores. But not until the bibik said she wanted to go back to her hometown, Indonesia. She was afraid if her mother couldn't make it as her mother is a working mom, and never used to being good at both working and doing house chores. I smiled and said, 

" Hey girl, our mothers are superwomen. They are just one tough adamantium, made up in an amazing way that they have such an instinct - to do the very best in whatever they need to do."

and wow, I'm referring to my own mother to be honest.

My mother is a working mom since I was born and up until today - she's one tough woman who keep on pursuing what she loves to do.Growing up looking at her, I could never imagine how does it feels like when a woman was told to just be in the kitchen when they are educated, highly-skilled, and can even stand as high as a man. Had I told you that my mom joins politics too? Hehe. So, I don't understand some social stigma that proposes woman to be inactive when I know that this society will be better having them empowered.

 I understand, totally understand how tired she is at the end of the day, and I couldn't do anything to help reduce her fatigue. I totally don't understand how she'll make time attending Parents-Teachers meeting, picking me up at boarding school & colleges( sometimes, I had to ask her to pick or send me due to big luggage causing immobility) and making time listening to me whining. Dear god, is she a god-sent from Heaven to help me in this Earth?

As a daughter to a working mom, I have to keep myself emotionally stable. Why? Because she might came back home feeling tired and everything will go wrong in the house. I have to mentally prepared when she could not pick up my phone call when she needs to entertain her clients' problems which are apparently bigger than mine, and yes, sometimes I feel like she loves her clients more than me. But then again, I had to put myself in her situation. I can't do both thing at the same time, talking to her daughter that will relentlessly converse about unimportant things and at the same time solving some legal issues. You know right? I realized that she has always been there everytime I'm on stage to receive awards and good examination results, and I know, deep down in her heart, she feels so relieved that I have become a good product to console her from the guilt of becoming a working mom.

I know she won't realize I've grown up to become a young woman, and she may have missed out many moments of my life; the rebellious teenager years, the pre-menstrual syndrome, and many more. But she'll make time sleeping next to me while cuddling my hair and audible enough for me to listen her said,

"dah besar panjang anak mummy."

Nothing else is inspiring than to see my own mother working hard to be balanced in both worlds; a mother and a lawyer.She has been through so many hardships and hurdles before building her own empire, a legal firm that she insisted me to replace her right after I graduated with a degree. One of the reason for me to choose doing Law for my undergraduate studies, yes. She has put so much to be the best mother and the best lawyer and I could not say no to her wish, and I'm fine though being a lawyer in the future. 

This International Women's Day highlighted so many women in this world that is highly recognized, but my mother is an unsung hero, to me. I could not deny that my mother deserves to be recognized for all her hard work and effort to become a great woman, and believe me that all our mother deserves to be one. I'm gonna tell all the modern women out there to keep yourself going, achieve great things and be a proud mother of your kids too! We understand your career and your struggles in juggling between two worlds, and we'll support you with love and prayers.

I never stop praying for my mother to always be in a good health, blessed with sustenance and will always be guided under the provision of Allah. 

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