Feb 28, 2016

Of Feminism and A Virtuous Man

Of Oh Wonder - Without You and my neck pain.

I was asked by my girlfriend(I mean, literally my friend with female gender) that we've been a classmate since our first year in KMB. A nice friend, helpful when you need it the most and beautiful just as her heart is. She asked me on how I define a virtuous man, as I may have different pov(point of view) than her. Have I told you she's a feminist? Have I told you she protect us girls very much?

I took a small breathe and let it out in silence.

"A virtuous man to me, he realizes that in a patriarchal organisation, would never misuse his power.Would never dominate me and assign himself as a dictator that would make decision for me. He should know about girls power, my power, and respect that we too need to make decision. A virtuous man that intrigued me, is a man who'd give seats to women in the train, though people will question that even a woman is able to stand in the train like a man does. It is not about equality, it is about how a woman need to be respected. I'm more than happy if my man realizes how gentle it is for a man to give seat amidst the full train to woman, and would open the door for a woman. "

Until I realized, had I just set a standard for a man that I'm going to be married with? Hah, yes I just did.

I guess girls today know what they want. They would never want to be stopped for things they know they want to do and they afford to, and they do not want to be seen as weak.

But I personally looove the idea of a gentle man, that I thought it must be cool for my little brother to learn to be one. Well okay, I have to teach him to be one.

This is a random post, that I intended to write before studying starts.

Countdown to IB : 64 Days Left

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