Feb 15, 2016

In a very unproductive weekend....

This week was too much consuming my energy, despite the class started on Wednesday due to Chinese New Year.
I've had to catch up with many deadlines, final after final drafts(sigh, there's always a final after the very final draft). 

But anyway, during the chinese new year holiday, I received a conditional from Birmingham University. Alhamdulillah! Something that I've been longing for quite some time since all my classmates have received theirs. On Wednesday and Thursday - I was so depressed knowing that similarities result for my Extended Essay was 21% that I had to figure out to amend all over again.
Even I decided to fast without a proper sahoor, as I had to save time doing my assignments.It was totally hectic, I never think I've been through a day like that in KMB for the past 1 year ago. To add the drama, I overslept in the evening that I did not take food at Dewan Selera. Yes, I only have a biscuit and milk to break the fast, but alhamdulillah there's this one friend of mine who helped out taking the food during the boys' turn(in KMB we have different time for boys and girls to take the food).

Anyway, I was blessed with conditional offers from Queen Mary University London and Manchester University at the same Thursday morning! Another thing to be thankful for.

And after one whole night of not sleeping at all doing my extended essay, I can now sleep happily after the final copy sent to my supervisor. Yeyy! I had three cups of coffee that lasted until the evening of the next day. Haha!

And for these two days of unproductive weekend, I'm jut being happy doing stuffs like reading and finishing homework. A little bit of longer sleep and good rest, just as a self-reward :)

Just so you know, I'm counting days to IB exam : 76 DAYS LEFT.

Life has always been amazing and exhausted at the same time,
and I thanked Allah for answering my prayers to be accepted in one of London Uni.
I've always wanted to go to London school, and I prayed every day, even asked my parents to pray for me.I guess its their prayers that Allah has answered.

Can't wait for another chapter in my life, may Allah ease~

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aliaamie said...

Unproductive weekend sometimes sucks but sometimes best what coz you could just be on bed the whole day.

Wow so lucky bout the university news. Ive always wanted to further study iversea but no luck yet.