Jan 30, 2016

Travelling to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

It was a spontaneous decision to finally buy a ticket and flew off to KK within two weeks.
I met my old friend at driving school and asked her if she would like to follow me on a tight travelling budget and she agreed. As I knew someone that we met at Saturday Night Lecture from Sabah, I asked her to help me out with itineraries and hotel bookings, as I was busy settling down with assignments and some other events happening during the school break.

First Day.

Overnight at the airport. Took the last ERL at 12.30 am as I was from UTM around 11.30.
Only at the KLIA2 I managed to unwind after running here and there (from TEDx at Subang Jaya to Saturday Night Lecture at UTM) and slept for less than 1 hour at Dome KLIA2.

Cost :
Erl : RM 22
Dome : RM 12 (bought affogatto)

Reached KK airport and Hajar's father took us to Grand Borneo Hotel. Slept there for a night. Good thing about this hotel as it was set next to a shopping mall, which is easy for us to buy things and get foods. Afternoon was spent for sleeping, as I was too tired after staying up all night and improper sleep in the airplane.

Cost : RM 120 for two  ( RM 60 per pax)

Dinner at waterfront. With breathtaking sunset view, it was just mesmerizing to have dinner there while watching Allah's beautiful creation of sunset!

Food for three : RM 45 
(Big portion, satay, nasi goreng kampung and delicious drinks)

Then we walked to Oceanus, Imago and had some coffee at Nunpat Imago Kota Kinabalu.

The price for coffee, lattes and bingsu worth just the same as Peninsular Malaysia. Ah well, at least you've gotta what you like the most - green tea frappe :)

Green Tea Frappe : RM 15

And.. Phillipine Market near to Waterfront

Bukit Bendera view at night.Summing up the whole city at Kota Kinabalu.

Day 2.

From Kota Kinabalu to Kundasang. Visited Kaki Gunung Kinabalu and managed to take some pics. It was cold and no you cannot enter the passageway for climbers unless given the consent to do so.
It was closed when we visited this place, due to the earthquake happened last year.

The road was a bit topsy-turvy but the scene worth coming.

Fees : None

Kundasang Memorial Park 
Entrance Fee : RM 2 ( if I'm not mistaken)

Our Guesthouse.

We slept here. Fit in for three in this one room. The house was exceptionally beautiful with Astro channel, cooking utensils and what more you need!

BBQ  for dinner.
RM 18 per pax x 4 = RM 72

Day 3.
Its Desa Cattle Farm Day!
For only RM 6 per entry, we could go all day long watching breathtaking view of cows and goats having their own 'me - time'.Lol.

 Also, we went to Pulau Manukan, Sabah.
Fees : RM 140 per boat

One of the mosque in Likas, Kota Kinabalu :

Fourth Day

Back to Kuala Lumpur.

So far, the journey went very well and good. I personally would like to say thank you to Hajar Deen, a friend of mine who helped us with car, hotel bookings and providing itinerary for Me & Ieman.

Dear Sabah, I wish to come again and explore other places :)

Jan 8, 2016

Last Bolt, Final Semester

Current status : Still waiting for universities conditional offer.Finishing some more part of Internal Assessment Chemistry. Grateful that my Extended Essay deadline is still long way to come, for my supervisor has not yet give feedback to the research I did last year.

Sungguh, hidup ni bukanlah tempat untuk berehat. Apatah lagi untuk bersenang-lenang dan memanjakan tubuh daripada bersusah-payah dan berpenat lelah dalam agama.

Alhamdulillah, I'm back on track.
New semester, new resolution. Harus wajibkan diri berjemaah dalam solat selagi mampu, harus istiqamah membaca surah Al-Waqi'ah setiap hari dan menunaikan solat dhuha setiap hari sekiranya tiada urusan.

Life ain't easy in KMB, everyone here knows that.
Banyak liku-liku kehidupan yang perlu ditempuhi untuk sampai ke semester 4. Hari-hari dimana hanya air mata yang menjadi kata-kata untuk meluahkan perasaan, atau hari-hari engkau berjalan terlalu laju untuk mengejar masa yang kian meninggalkan engkau.Tuhan, kusyukuri hingga kesaat ini Kau kuatkan aku.

Tiada yang lebih indah berbanding ketentuan Tuhan yang menemukan setiap orang yang aku kenali untuk mengajarkan sesuatu. Tiada yang lebih indah berbanding perjalanan hidup yang tidak pernah terjangkau akal - dan disini aku berada di KMB untuk semester yang terakhir.

Ada rezeki, sampailah ke UK September ini.
Ameen ameen ya Allah.
Ada masa-masa aku risau, sedangkan kawan-kawan lain sudah memperoleh 'conditional offer' sedangkan aku belum dan masih menunggu tanpa jemu.Ibarat menunggu orang datang masuk meminang.Kehkeh.Fine.

Moga-moga Allah mudahkan jalan ini.
Tiada apa yang mudah, begitu juga jalan yang aku pilih melalui istikharah dan menyerahkan sebulat-bulatnya urusan kepada Allah.

Ya Allah, moga engkau izinkan aku kesana.
Moga aku mampu berbakti kepada Ummah melalui jalan menuntut ilmu yang penuh getir dan payah.