Dec 26, 2015

My Driving License Story

I am still in the middle of learning.Its been more than 1 year and half, as far as I concern.

My first computer test was done three times until I finally passed the minimum marks set by JPJ. I took the test a month or so after my National Service and I passed it two months after due to my busy schedule of coaching a debate team in my previous school. Yes its true, I had to undergo three times of computer test before I could finally make it to the next level.Did I not study? I did. Did I not do the practice in the book? I did.From cover to cover.

As I finally passed the computer test, I registered for my 'L' driving journey.

My first driving teacher is a man. That was not what I choose for it to be, but it happened that he's the only one available according to my schedule.So, by hook or by crook, I had to choose him to complete by 'L' license.

The training was a bit hard. He could play with his mobile phone without even looking at me driving, and would sometimes smoke in the car.When I did wrong, he would simply put on his hands on my hands holding the steering and I had to let it be as I was in training.Of course I would never allow any man to simply hold my hands, and I never even do that, so I talked to the driving school that I wanted a female driving teacher.

I never met that male teacher again.

My female driving teacher was even horrible. She would yell and scream in the car every time she gave instructions, and never behold to her anger. I wonder if I come to the driving school only to be yelled instead of to be taught, as I hardly get to fit in her way of teaching. I can't get compliment every time I do good, and the only thing that I could do is to drive under pressure which would lead me to follow her instructions instead of I myself discover the right thing to do when driving. I am not that demanding person, but having a teacher which would non-stop yell at you for two hours, and all-in-all 16 hours in total(yes I add up few hours to my sessions as I am not confident enough) and that's just not sufficient for me to learn & adapt in the learning process.

I thought having a female teacher would make things better. But I'd end up crying on the junction whenever I have practical driving on the road with her, and it did swallow me to the lowest point in my life. That was the time when I hope that everything should end as fast as I could, and I pray that I never go to the same driving school anymore.

My first driving test was horrible. I did not even pass road session and circuit session, both.
My second driving test was pretty good. I passed the circuit, but I did not make it on the road session.
My third driving test was not as I expected, I failed again on the road session.Oh and I changed my driving school too -___- I only practice 4 times on the road before the test after 6 months of not holding the steering, and that was just not a good sign of mentally prepared for the test.
The biggest reason why I had to change my driving school is because I am traumatized, and I could not even step foot to the previous driving school. Whenever I told my journey of taking driving classes with the second teacher, I'd shiver to my voice. It hit me hard, and I'm recovering until now.

I personally quite unsure if I am either a late-bloomer or I started the hard way.My 1 and half year of driving school journey was a long gap as I am studying in the college, and I cannot commit to driving classes as fast as others.That's another thing.But I guess I'm fine if I have to categorize myself as a late-bloomer, because you cannot be good in everything don't you? some things in this life require you to learn the hard way before you could cry tears of happiness after getting through it.

Alhamdulillah, I'm all good(not that good,I cried everytime I failed in the test,heh). But I do need your prayers, of anyone reading this, to pray that I could pass the next test in less than two weeks. I need the driving license to help out my parents, and help my siblings too, as they are growing up and going to the boarding school next year. Hope that Allah will ease the journey.InsyaAllah :)