Jul 25, 2015

Leaving a good place(or comfortzone?)

Its the last night here in my room before going back to IB life.Man,I hate this feeling.
Its the same feeling I have during my secondary school on Sunday that I have to leave my house and class would start the next day.
Guys,boarding school hurts.
College life hurts.

I was literally contemplating what would happen on this Monday.Yup,most of tonnes of work I was supposed to finish it up during raya holidays,seems to just be in my bag.Procrastinating is very well related to IB students,no?Well,I did go to library once this holiday.I also did some things related to IB.Ok that's also an achievement too.

I did tell one of my closest friend,
"taknak..taknak balik.taknak taknak balik..".
Yeah man,KMB is fun as it is.But pending assignments and waiting-lists-of-assignments NOT.Gotta Theory Of Knowledge presentation next week,IELTS test next week,EE final draft next week..
What am I doing this holidayssss?!?!

So I thought and I determined(hopefully) that I could detached myself from my cellphone.I find my handphone can be a very good tool in distracting me,thus unable to finish up things I am supposed to do.I will not going to bring my handphone to class,and I will uninstall my Instagram until my IELTS test.Not to forget that I will need coffee the most next week,as I have to stay awake in the midnight finishing up the unfinished.

Its gonna be a hell next week and the next two weeks.While people are celebrating Eid throughout the whole month,I'm gonna stuck in my college with workloads.

But the next two weeks is TedEx and insyaAllah I'll be one of the runner.Also not to forget upcoming KYUEM Summit and Model United Nations coming very soon in my schedule.Can't wait!

Yes,I am also been accepted in MSLS(Malaysian Students Leadership Symposium) by UKEC,however since the date collides with TedEx,I prefer TedEx more.The speakers are intriguing indeed.

Many things too that I wish to be more focus.
InsyaAllah next week too that I'm planning to continue the project of building small library for an indigenous school through publishing a zine.InsyaAllah insyaAllah,this is just a mere planning needed to be detailed and meticulous works are yet to be done.

Hectic week gonna be,it is.

I hate the feeling of going back to college or school.The heart seems to be too heavy to let it go,or I guess I myself is not yet ready for a real battle.
But I loooove what awaits for me,the excitement is surely worth coming to college.

To semester 3 - you are surely going to be a hell semester for me.
To KMB - I love you more than I love matcha green.
To myself - be resilient & tough  and make it to overseas :)

I've had enough of holidays.
I've had enough of insomniatic nights.
I've had enough of leisure.

*P/s : Oh yes I'm planning as well to go hillclimbing at Broga Hill and climbing Batu Caves.Bhahaha.Lets see how it goes.