May 29, 2015

Planning for semester two break!

Alhamdulillah,I'm all done with semester two.Off to the next semester,being a senior and that also means less than one year from IB exam! *perpetuates*

I guess the exam wasn't an easy going.Despite of good schedules we have this exam,but there are few days with combo paper,quite not good to us.Like BMS with Mathematics.Or Economics and Chemistry.Its just unbearable at that moment.

I only have less than 5 hours of sleep in average of a day,but alhamdulillah I could stand with it and yes I also managed to wake up soo early during the exam week.Hats off Balqis!

So now,I'm having my semester holiday.........for two weeks!

But I'd tell you how many assignments need to be done this break,and to be send right after the sem break.Owh goodness,you'll never have any idea how to finish it all when you have so much ample time,yet you tend to watch movies and baring-baring atas katil,or scrolling instagram and facebook.

Regretted for a day and half not being productive.Guess its enough for a day of break for myself as a reward as I managed to sleep early and get a long sleep,and not forgotten to The Theory Of Everything movie that I watched today.Hehehe.

So,let me list down every single little thing to do during this semester break.

1-English HL - The Palace Thief
2-Extended Essay - Duedate :29th June
3-Internal Assessment BMS - Duedate :22nd June
4-Math Exploration - First Draft after holiday
5-Read Malay Novel entitled Srengenge ( 10 page a day at least)
6-CAS calendars to be scan and saved in Dropbox/email
7-Fundraising for Year 1 Registration-Beli barang,bahagikan tugas
8-Remembrance of Al-Quds proposal and contact Aman Palestin
9-Written Assignment - Malay and English
10-Donate Blood
11-Australia on 8th to 13th
12-Pergi majlis ilmu

So yes,these are the assignments that I need to finish up during this week as I'll be leaving Malaysia for a week to Australia inshaallah.
I hope I would be able to finish this off ameen.

2 weeks for all eleven checklists are not a good sign for an ample holiday peeps.I'm innerly crying of doing IB,and somehow jealous thinking of friends having good days without any minithesis and research.

4000 words for EE.
750 words for Internal Assessment BMS,Malay,English..
1000 words for Math Exploration
Not to mention Srengenge novel which I barely able to understand,and it takes quite some time to understand the gist of the story.

Pray hard,work hard and lets rave with IB!
*I also provide one small book to keep myself on track with a productive semester break.Please make it real balqis!