Mar 4, 2015

What is IB?

I think I have made a lot of promises to write about IB,the scariest program in this earth.
Seriously,the scariest program?Nah,its just the toughest foundation for you to prepare to become the best person.That's it.
IB is a shortform of International Baccalaureate,or so called as Internationally Busy.Yeah,its because we are "international" aren't we? Hehe.
Tapi nanti mesti semua nak gaduh,kau ingat IB je ke sibuk? Kitorang kat PASUM/PALAM pun sibuk gak eh! Kitorang A level ni pun sibuk gak eh!
Just so you know what's inside IB,and you go through the whole process of it..then you'll understand my word and why I say so.

Untuk dimudahkan,IB ni sebuah preparatory program that allows you to further study to oversea.Contohnya nak pergi UK,Canada,New Zealand,India.

It is a diploma programme,but it is not "diploma" as in that you have the diploma scroll because you'll be considered as spm leavers jugak.The same goes to A level/matrix and etc.

IBDP(International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme) ni tak ada eh kat IPTA.

IB as a whole.IB is not really an exam oriented preparatory program,it actually build you to become well rounded person,and not to be a bookworm.The final exam does not carry even half of the final grade,but the Internal Assessment will contribute marks for your final.

SubjectsWe take 6 subjects with usually 3 Higher Level subjects and 3 Standard Level subjects.Rather than A level,they usually take 3 to 4 subjects.

If you're taking Engineering,usually the preferred subjects would be :
Higher Leve
l1) Physics

Standard Level

If you're taking Medicine,the preferred subjects would be :
Higher Level

Standard Level

If you're an Assorted student(Law,Social Science,Accountancy,Economics),the subjects would be:
Higher Level
1)Business Management(BMS)

Standard Level

There are a lot of courses actually and you're flexible enough that you may choose according to what you want.

Updated :Few courses that I could mention in KMB : Medic,Architecture,Engineering,Applied Science,Social Science,Economics,Accountancy,Pharmacy,Law..

**But there are few cases where students demand to change Math SL to HL(Higher Level) depending on the universities requirement.As for LSE(London School Of Economics),the requirement is Math HL,but for other universities the requirement could varies.So,you ought to well aware of universities requirement and which university you aimed to go.
***Also,IB is crazy.It wants to you take social science subject,despite you in science stream and if you're in social science stream,you'd still have to learn science subject(chemistry/ESS).

Other compulsory subjectsIn IB, apart from those 6 subjects you take, there are also 2 other things that you have to complete to get your Diploma - Theory of Knowledge (TOK) Essay and Extended Essay (EE). These two things contribute to your bonus points. Note that TOK is actually a subject that you learn in class, while EE is a research-based paper that you have to do with guidance from your EE supervisor, done outside class hour.

ScoresThe highest score for each subject is 7. That is equivalent to A+. So as the point goes lower, 6, 5, 4, the grades are lower as well. That makes up to 42 points (7 pts x 6 subjects). But in final IB exam, there's something we call bonus points - which depends on your TOK Essay and Extended Essay. The total bonus points is 3, so that makes the total points for IB final equivalent to 45.


CAS is Creative,Action and Service.You have to fulfill at least 180 hours for it,but usually KMB students could even reach more to 500 hours.CAS is like community service that you won't get paid for it.Infact,you'll get self-satisfaction for being able to contribute something to the people.During semester 1,once in two weeks,you'll be given a day to go out and visit places like PDK Kajang,SK(Asli) Bukit Changgang,Rumah Anak Yatim,Rumah Orang Orang Tua and the list goes on.These places will be the place for you to do any community service you want.

part of my CAS activity

TOK macam cabang of Philosophy.Teacher said that it is part of Epistemology.It is very interesting as you'll be discussing and keep on questioning about a lot of things around you.During semester 3,you'll have to do TOK essay that will contribute to final mark.

"Theory of knowledge (TOK) is assessed through an oral presentation and a 1,600 word essay.
It asks students to reflect on the nature of knowledge, and on how we know what we claim to know.
TOK is part of the International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) core, and is mandatory for all students."

Extended Essay
"The extended essay is an independent, self-directed piece of research, finishing with a 4,000-word paper.
One component of the International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) core, the extended essay is mandatory for all students."

It should be sent by semester 3 and will be assigned to choose subject along with Research Question and finding advisors during semester 2.

They said EE is tough,I just don't know.I'm still in the process of doing EE.Hehe.

2 years.4 freaking semester.Semester 2 is very important for university placement and semester four will determine either you are able to fly or not.

I know,2 years is quite long.But once you're in IB,you'll feel how short the time is.

semester 1 exam and how we did our revision.
I'm not going to say that IB is tough like so tough that you'll die in the end of it.But,seeing all the seniors,most of them survived.If they could survived,why shouldn't I and you?
Sleep deprived?It is something very usual in KMB.
You'll have to get yourself used to 4 hours of sleep.I even pernah tidur 3 to 2 hours je,because of finishing up homework and got myself caffeinated sampai insomnia.
But yeah,its the time management that should be taken place.
IB will teach you a lot of things.Siapa kata budak IB nerd memang nak kena lah,sebab the fact that we are not.We are only some kind of robot rajin yang siapkan macam-macam benda and very good at multi tasking.Ceewah.

Besides,the lecturers here are very helpful and they will help you whenever you need them.In KMB,most of the teachers are able to speak English fluently as they were graduated from overseas(but not all the teachers).Yet,their determination to help students are unimaginable.
Maybe that's it.
I shall continue this,by writing about life in KMB pulak kot.
Till then,goodbye!

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