Nov 29, 2015


Received this earlier(last 9 days ago) on my,

Assalamualaikum. Can I know why do you want to be a MPP at kmb last year?


Waalaikumussalam. The question was rather challenging to say. 
I am someone who gets so spirited when it comes to leadership. I'm serious, I think leadership is a big deal. It will determine the environment you're going through for 2 years(referring to college) and that's the utmost reason why I took the form that brought me to an election process, a small election, in MARA College Banting.

The small election, as adjective as it is, is still a big deal to me. I put the highest effort to make it true by preparing myself the best manifestations and speech, and asking help of some of my closest friends to put up the posters across college.

I enjoyed the whole process.

Prior to that, I wasn't even intended to be a part of MPP (or Students Representative Council). But then, I was asked to do so. Many, yes many, relied on me to go for the election. I received many support and encouragement, and that brought me up to the next level. No, I am not willing to break the heart of many, hence the action was done to make everyone felt happy with it.

As I took the form and I was driven by the spirit to make change, I didn't take the risk with it. The risk of losing in the game. I just naive and what  I merely was, If I did something wholeheartedly, God will return the favour.

But, no I did not win the election.  Still, I know that God knows best, and He returned me the favor in many beautiful ways. That being said, I involved in many other events outside the college, in a bigger scope - and that filled up most of my leisure time.

The support and encouragement was still there. After the list of 'winners'(or rather the people who are going to be responsible as the next MPP) was announced at 12 am, I cried all night long. You know, that all night long did not stop there. I fed up with everything, I did not have the courage to even go to class. I was pale and unwilling, all the time, to socialize or talk to anyone. Everyone worried, but hey, that's the par of how important I am among my friends :)

Truth to be told, 
I was that girl who thought to make a change is easy, as long as you have the power. But the next thing I learn, you can always make an impact without having to own a power. Many have shown that they can make a change without wearing a crown, and that's just true in reality. I must say, you too, should know that everyone contribute differently. If you have a big heart with a big dream, you can always achieve what you dream of, because in the end, people who have the power would have the tendency to misuse the crown he/she is wearing.

To be an unsung hero is not easy.
You're truly a dark shadow shaded in between many.
But that's alright. As long as you have the sincerity, you don't mind not being known or not gaining popularity from it.

But if you are really going through the MPP process, and really want to be a part of it,
I won't stop you. If I told everyone to not be, then who's going to be officially leading the whole college,no?

Hope this short post at 4.31 am will find you the answer.