Sep 24, 2015

Man In The Mirror

Maybe its now the right time to ask the man in the mirror,
For how many times have you failed yourself,
Ranting about changing the world,
But yet - never start with self.

Maybe the man in the mirror should know,
The world is a reflection,an image to an object whose standing infront of the glass,
And that's you.

How do you think to make a change,
When all you can do is to sip a cup of coffee and claiming that this world is in fiasco,
You're a good observer don't you?
But an observer will never be a contributor;
For a contributor needs effort and energy to be sacrificed.

Then the man in the mirror should walk out,
and see his own shadow
Under the sun - where the refugees are fnding shelter relentlessly,
nation to nation
sea to sea
but no welcoming doors are open.

Then the man in the mirror should stay on the streets
Where homeless people sway
and that hungry faces keep on asking for pity
From humans that will never know about humanity.

So the man in the mirror will never be
A man in the mirror
Because he's now never a reflection,
Or  a shadow,
Because he's making little changes to make the dream comes true.

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