Aug 14, 2015

What's Up?

Incase if you're asking me how's my life has been doing,
Its been good so far.

For now I barely able to sleep during evening(thank god for that!) and I always have something to do during my evenings.For every Tuesdays with Bibliophile Series to playing squasy at the gym on Tuesday and Thursday - I'd make sure myself to stay back at the school and do something until dinner time.

Had once too tired,that I overslept until 8 pm while waiting for maghrib prayer to break the fast.
Just once.

Now that I've passed with IELTS and yet still waiting for the result.Now that I'm currently struggling to finish up with my personal statement.Still doing the drafting processes before coming to the final draft.Fuh it ain't easy,really.

Also,I'm trying to improvise myself with not sleeping after subuh and sleep early to wake up earlier than usual.I guess I've changed a lot from previous semesters where I could be motivated everyday to wake up early,get to pray congregationally,and finally going to class early.

IB changed me alot.
I used to be that one good kid who always finished up my homework despite of any obstacles or how tiring it could be,and will go to class early to prepare myself.But lately,I've been coming to Mathurat quite late or rather on time and my mornings was a bit messy and in rush.

I seriously need to fix on that.

I supposed that there are still too many things that I've to fix in myself.
And that starts with my daily routine,my daily prayers and my daily quran recitings.
I should've always try to be a better person because in the end - I'll have to serve to my Ummah.

I have to admit that sometimes I'm losing to lust.I get my sleepy eyes win and keep prayers aside first just to accomplish that sleepy moments.I also have to start working with improvising my distracting study life where I could have been scrolling phones will studying.

Or when listening to spotify during studying,make sure it's instrumental so that I won't be distracted by the lyrics.
Or listen to others when they're talking to you.Stop scrolling or looking at your phone.

When I realized I've got so much things to do,I really need to second that I've got no time to be wasted.

P/s :Currently I've been working to compile my instagram status and facebook status into  zine.Pray for me okay!

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