Aug 3, 2015

Miracle Happens

Yesterday,I had my IELTS test.
But another yesterday(the night before exam),I didn't sleep at all.Yes not at all.
I happened to drink OldTown,just a little bit of curiousity at the start.I can still remember I was drinking OldTown can while waiting for my roti canai that I ordered.
Guys,I truely don't know how high the doze of caffeine has caused me not to sleep at all.

So,I spent the whole night doing reading for example of essays and some exercises on listening.And oh,listening Spotify the whole night too :)

The next morning,I got to sleep in the bus for nearly 50 minutes,Waking up to realize that we are almost near to the examination center.

That's that.My IELTS.That determine half of my life.

During listening component test,everything went well.Oh yeah,except for the unknown accent.Surely its not british accent I supposed.Maybe Irish or Scottish,but I hardly able to understand the conversations.

The last 10 minutes of the exam,I copied my answers in the test paper in the answer sheet.

But I thought I've made mistakes by writing it in the answer sheet.I thought we don't have to do so.All we need is to just let the answer in the exam paper.

So,I erased all my answer.

Little that I know,I was supposed to write the answer in the answer sheet too.

That was the last 5 seconds I had for my listening component,guys.

I was afraid,and shivering after I realized that my exam paper has been taken by invigilator,and now I only have the same answer sheet - flipped back for the next reading component.

Gosh,my listening component answer sheet is zero without any answer.

I raised up my hand.
I told my carelessness.
I asked if I can get back my exam paper.
I was told to only trace back my answer.No its impossible.I'm using high grade of rubber,hence I couldn't even trace my previous answer.

She asked me to wait  and continue with my reading component.

I was literally shivering and in worry.I repeated the same do'a the whole reading component exam session,reading 'hasbunallaha wani'mal wakil' nonchalantly.

Ya Allah,cukuplah engkau sebagai pelindung bagiku.

Right after the exam,I came to see the head of invigilator.A second chance.To re-write my answer in the answer sheet.I explained everything.

Yes,Allah granted my prayer.He gave me another chance to re-write my answers.

I guess,that is the best time of my life,when I know that Allah is with me and helping me.

It was something impossible initially,but ask God whatever it is.Believe.
And God shall do the rest.

So I wrote all my answers happily within 2 golden minutes I had.
Alhamdulillah,thank you Allah :)

I'm done with IELTS guys :D

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