Jul 17, 2015

All-Hail Semester Three!

Life has been good so far.
The first three weeks of new semester was exhausting,really.I literally crying my heart out for stucked in the college doing what others dont.
Sending the assignments,extended research questions and being rejected over and over again - man that's just not an easy-going.
Not only that the Ramadhan has been challenging due to endless cough and flu and sometimes I vomitted to the extent I'd end up with tears,this Ramadhan too is going to be the last fasting month I'd have in my college.
Yes it's hard to believe :(

Then here I am in my own room at KL with a good sleep alhamdulillah and helping family with the raya thingy.

I am now motivating myself to work hard in the future of my IB life,so that I can fly.
Targetted to get 37 this new semester(too high,I know) so that I feel more secured.

Of semester three,
"Start strong,stay strong,finish it strong by always remembering why you're doing it in the first place" - Dr. Saai

As I aimed to go to UK for my Legum Baccalaureus(LLB), I wish it will comes true.
University College London,Kings College London,Bristol Uni,Warwick are some of it..
Or at least,going to University of Auckland(NZ),Melbourne Uni(OZ) or Toronto Uni(Canada) insyaAllah.

One of it will be true,ameen.

So here,I'll be sharing some of tips I will be doing so that I can achieve what I want.


1.Always pray to Him
"Allahumma innaka afuwwun karim..tuhibbul afwa fa'fu anni.."

2.Renew my vision and mission.
37 points for semester three.Fly to oversea.Be a good muslim

3.Know your weakness
(Shall not be disclosed here)

4.Get tips on how to get an effective study skills 
  1. Sleep early
  2. Wake up early
  3. Don't sleep after Subuh
  4. Always consult teachers
  5. Focus on weak subjects
  6. Ask more
  7. Manage your time well
  8. Be focus on doing something(as I always seems to get distracted easily)
  9. Persistent & Consistent
  10. Pray hard and tawakkal
  11. Read before class
  12. Get yourself away from gadget(Will do this in LRC or in class)
  13. 25-5-25-5
  14. Send assignments on time!
5.Never miss prayers

So hmm I hope I can do it all.Haha :)

I also planned my expenses tips so that I can do something right after IB exam(will update this soon!)

Balqis Expenses Guide.

1.RM 10 per month at least
2.Allocate 10% of your financial aid & allowance
3.RM 5 that you have,please keep.
4.Keep syilings you have.
5.Don't ever dare to use royalty you received from selling books
6.Mara allowance - 30%

So,I have to bear in mind these things :

1.Buy latte twice a month only
2.Don't go for online shopping ( 6 months curfew)
3.Don't ever dare to use your savings 
4.Freeze your Bank Islam account and CIMB account.Use only BSN account.

There you go,all my lists :P
Please pray for me,to succeed in IB life and fly to oversea insyaALLAH so that I can come back as someone who will be contributing more to the Ummah.

Do pray for my health too yea!

Assalamualaikum & selamat hari raya :)

Sapientar retentavm,svccedet aliqvando.
"That which is wisely tried again will succeed sometime."

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