Jun 3, 2015

Recap of more than a year

*Mingguan Wanita - 29th May

I don't know why but I rarely update my activities ever since I have Instagram account.I know right,its just unfair for making everything immortal in the Instagram,whilst setting aside updating in my blog,a place where I used to be :)

This is not for everyone,its for myself so that one day I can look back and count how many achievements have I made.

1-Attended ASEAN-Japan Youth Forum - Indonesia
2-Social Entrepreneurship Study Trip,MyHarapan - Chiang Mai
3-National Aspirations Leadership Symposium - PWTC,Kuala Lumpur
4-Malaysia National Model United Nations - Sunway University (As Chris Redfern,from DNC)
5-Panelist of The Future Of Muslim Youth roundtable discussion - IAIS,Kuala Lumpur
6-Human Development Bureau of SRC Kolej MARA Banting - 2014/2016
7-Involvement in Persatuan Pelajar Islam Wilayah Persekutuan as facilitator in PMGKL.
8-International Conference for Young Leaders - PWTC,Kuala Lumpur
9-Got my blackbelt in Taekwondo man! 
10-Speaker during KMB Hijab Day
11-Got to wander almost more than 10 coffee shops (is that even an achievement?)
12.Emcee of Plenary Session in KMB Students Conference - Concorde Inn,KLIA
13-Run for SRC in KMB Election ( lose,but that's okay.Allah knows best)

Published :
1- Cahaya Atas Cahaya
2- 99 Puisi Untuk Palestin

Magazine :
1-Mingguan Wanita 29 May

More to go inshaallah.More to achieve too,so that I could not only do something for myself.But for ummah,hopefully.I also wish to continue publishing zine chronology,but due to unending coursework and assignments(IB,you know..) I'll have to think of it again.

So happy that within half of a year,I have visited Indonesia and Chiang Mai (achievement : without no family around) all by myself.Inshaallah,next will be Australia hehehe.

So happy that I'm almost half done with IB,as tomorrow marks an end to final paper in semester two exam,which means less than 1 year than IB exam dude.

So happy that I'm getting to become a better Balqis,inshaallah.A more mature with better personality and attitude,and more positive.Alhamdulillah.

So grateful that Allah has given so many things,despite of me being such a forgotten slave of His :'(

Its been one hell half of a year,half to go to finish 2015 :') May I will always be given strength to proceed this life.Ameen.

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Anonymous said...

Hebat sangat!!! Are you even 19? Moga kekal rendah diri dan pegang misi yg ikhlas.. Ingat lah yg semuanya milik Allah.. Don't forget to say Alhamdulillah. ;)) I don't know you but I envy you (in a good way insyaAllah?