May 1, 2015

So I published a book with FAQ :)

Alhamdulillah,now that I am able to write on this blog after quite some time.It was quite hectic as I gotta handle trips for the kids at Tadika Annur KMB,handling their sports day,at the same time thinking over fundraising projects that would allow us to expand the kindergarden for the sake of their comfort.

Not forgotten to the IB itself,with all quizzes and standardized tests(I guess the results were not that good,hmm) and to homeworks and ongoing internal assessment.Thought that I won't survive.

People didn't know,that at the same time I was undergoing one project - writing a poetry book.It was hard,yes it wasn't an easy task to be such a multitasker.But subhanallah,I myself I don't think I would be able to make it without Allah's help.Being an IB student at the same time writing a book is not an easy task,indeed.

But yeah,I made it(with Allah's help and his strength that He lended to me).
This book was officially on my hand last week,when I went to KL Book Fair,and that was my first time I hold my own book.

Excited? Yes I was,and still am.

This is the book that I wrote during my travel time,where I really lothe of wasting my time over not doing anything.Usually my flight when I travel would be in the morning,so I'd have my overnight at the airport.I would spend that night typing typing and amend my poem,at the same time stealing some time doing revision for my studies.It wasn't an easy task.I even did study Economics on my flight from Jakarta to Malaysia,because I know I shouldn't just let time passed by without doing any benefit to me.

I really tried,to maximize my time.Goodbye to leisure time watching movies and sleep,because most of the time I had very little time of sleep and my sleeping time was even abnormal.That was the price I have to pay in order to achieve something.

But worry less,I think the sacrification just worth it!

Moving on to the Frequently Asked Questions.

1- How much is the price for this book?
    : RM 15 je :)

2-Where to find this book?
    : Iman Shoppe or you may also get it right from Pesta Buku Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur ( Mawar 
      Room,M08,Iman Publications).Yeah you may get it from me personally with signature! Do                 email me at or catch me on Facebook!

3-What this book is all about?
   : It has no theme.But most of the poem touches on my personal observation during my travelling or 
    human's values.It is a book that I wrote about what was in my heart and in my head,though.

4-Are you the only writer?
   : Yes,alhamdulillah.

5-Can I get the signature if I didn't buy directly from you?
   : Unfortunately nope.The only thing is you can get the signature by buying directly from me,but it        takes some time waiting for new stocks.Afterall,you may just buy first and read so that you may          ask the autograph when you come and see me someday.I'd keen to meet people who wish to see          me! We could share new ideas and thoughts,who knows?

6-Who's the publisher?
   : I shall thanked Grup Karyawan Luar Negara for having me and giving me opportunity to publish a      book.They are people who taught me from nothing,to publishing a book.How can you join                  GKLN? Yes you may join but you must be in preparatory college going to overseas,or already at        overseas,or graduated from overseas(and the name of the group is quite obvious,no?)

7-Am I going to be at the PBAKL again?
   : Sadly no.As I need to study and focus on my semester 2 exam.I'd be in KL once I have finished          with my exam,and yes you may set the date to see me during the holiday :)

8-Have you published a book before?
   : Got two though.One is Tanah Tanpa Peta,another one is 99 Puisi Palestin(kinda liddat) and it is          also a collection of poem dedicated to Palestine,shared with some other writers too.Alhamdulillah.

9-Why Cahaya Atas Cahaya?
   : You may find it inside the book at the introduction ;)

10-So the whole book is about?
   : A writing when I was travelling.About being a merchant,about travelling.Got some poems about        love,some about the countries I have visited itself,some about criticising humans,and some is more      to my own personal stories :)

11-How long does it takes to write this book?
   : 4 months,or lesser.

Any other questions?
Drop down here or on my!

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