Feb 23, 2015


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh :)

*munching biscuits in the library*

yeps I missed my dinner because I was too tired and I fell asleep for quite long.Waking up to see that its already maghrib and clueless of what to do next.Took bath,change cloth and made my way to library.All for updating about interview tips to juniors so yey!

First,you have to first know what scholarship interview you are about to attend.
Get to know more of the background of particular scholarship and company involved.For example,if you're about to attend Sime Darby scholarship interview,know better of the company,what are the investments that they have been doing to the background research of Sime Darby.

Second,know the course and programme you applied for.
It happened that during my interview,few people don't even know what International Baccalaureate is all about.When being asked by interviewer,they got clueless.So,try to understand about the programme that you have applied,to also try to read more about your course.If you applied for nanotechnology,read more about it.Which country or university you aimed even what is future of the course that's going to take you far.

Third,prepared to be good in English.
Which is impossible to make it for just a night.It takes months,days.weeks,and even years to be fluent in English.If you're applying for overseas scholarships.the interviewers expect you to be fluent in English,because once you're in the foundation programme,you'll need to do all assignments in English.You even have to take TOEFL/IELTS test that requires you to get high mark to fulfill requirement from overseas university(or maybe to sponsors!)

Fourth,prepared for a good interpersonal skills.
A bookworm don't always a nerd,isn't it? Supposed that you have to mingle around with people around you,be amiable to them,greet them and even exchange ideas and thoughts before and after the interview.Its time to create network!

Fifth,know the format of the interviews.
Last year,MARA did a very weird action.They asked us to come wearing sports attire,and its totally shocking.Because usually we will have to wear formal attire(tie,blazer for boys and baju kurung or blouse for girls).

So I asked few of my friends that went earlier to the interview to have a hindsight of it,and prepared myself for the interview.So I wasn't that shock during the interview.Besides,I enjoyed the whole interview session.

Sixth,show your positive vibes.
During group interview,show your cooperativeness.Show your encouragement to your friends in the group that speak less.Lead,but don't conquer.Try to ask friens questions to make everyone in the group speak.Try to make sure that everyone involves in the group discussion or assessment.

Seventh,be confident.
From walking into the room,to the way you smile,your gestures,your voice.Even you speak about something you're unsure about,just be confident.

Eight,ask yourself possible questions that they will ask you.
Why should you be sponsored? Why should we choose you?And to answer this,its very subjective.As for myself,I prefer to speak about my own value,my unique selling point that I have but others don't(well this is very impossible but who cares hahaha) to consolidate yourself and to give the interviewers a good perception at you.

Nine,if you're applying for International Baccalaureate program,this is what you should know..

IB learner profil and show it during the interview session!

  • inquirers
  • knowledgeable
  • thinkers
  • communicators
  • principled
  • open-minded
  • caring
  • risk-takers
  • balanced
  • reflective.

As a conclusion,try to improve more on general knowledge and english fluency.It doesn't mean that if you're fluent in English that you can't speak malay.Its so typical back then.

after the interview,pray a lot and hope for the best(yet,prepare for the worst too).
oh yes,read about current issues is crucial too!

Its not that you don't love Malay language,its just that you have to be good in both.C'mon la,even Prof DiRaja Ungku Aziz can speak fluently in 60 languages,so what's the big deal?

Drop questions and comments if you have any!

Till then,

*running away to finish up homeworks and assignments*

P/s : Look at my labelled entry for more informative posts okay!


Anonymous said...

Very helpful. Thanks kak balqis ;)

Balqis Azhar said...

You're welcome :)

Anonymous said...

assalamualaikum,,kak balqis..mcm mner nak dptkan buku cahaya di atas cahaya ya?