Jan 1, 2015

Learning From Uzbekistan

Me and my mother,we had a trip to Uzbek from 10th to 17th.I did tell few of my friends,but only few of my classmates and closest friends.When I put several pictures in Instagram,my friends just got to know that I'm having my trip there.

I know,if I told them earlier..they'll be like nak souvenir.But I can't afford to cater everyone to give souvenirs,its merely impossible.

Why Uzbekistan? Its a part of Khurasan,a land where its in the middle of two flowing rivers.Its the land of barakah where all fruits grow sweet and so many types of nuts there!

The journey took 7 hours from KLIA,by Uzbekistan Airways.

When the flight departed,we arrive at Tashkent.Its 3 am in the morning maybe.Because you have to minus 3 hours from current Malaysia time.Then we took another local flight to Bukhara,one of district at Uzbekistan.

Its very hard to adapt to Uzbek's weather that is too cold and dry.


Bukhara airport

Maqam Naqsyabandi

Minaret Kalon

Asia Bukhara Hotel

Infront of Asia Bukhara Hotel

lyabi khauz ensemble

Syahid square

Fortress ark


Suggested Hotel : Meridian Hotel

otw to Termez

Hakim At-Termeziy

Fortress near to Afghanistan and River of Jaihun

Front of Maqam

Front entrance of Maqam Imam Termizi

Lunch here


Registan Square 

Madrasah Ulughbek

Abu Mansur Al Maturidi

Astronomy of Timurlane

Prayed here.

Nasi Bukhara

Masjid Nabi Khidir

Morning breeze at Samarkand

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