Dec 8, 2014

Handling Kids and Patience.

I guess I'm good at being patient.I always receive good words from my friends telling me how patient I am when it comes to handling things critically.Oh memang puji diri sendiri ni bhahaha >_<

This holiday break,I'm teaching tuition center in Malay,English,Maths and Science during night and teaching Al-Quran lesson during days.

I always have the thought that its so gonna be easy,way too easy to compare how I handle IB life.
I thought its going to be smoothe,and I don't have to put too much effort on it.I mean,at least I can spare little of energy doing homeworks,reading,cycling or whatsoever..

But the thing is,I was wrong.

Teaching Al-Quran,where all my students are boys which age between 7-12 that are uncontrollable is fun at first.I called myself as "akak",and they are too cute for me to get angry whenever they pissed me off.They are too hyper and cannot be handled gently,which I prefer to be gentle in my own way.

The first day,they broke glasses when I asked them to sit and re-read the previous page that I have checked.I know,maybe I'm too softspoken person(because I always do,bhahaha) and they will always prefer to be my student rather than another male teacher.

I know right...thank you to the compliment ahaks.

But,they totally pissed me off when I asked them to sit while I was checking another student and they could even run around me and playing shinggan(this is Naruto's vocabulary,pardon if I write it wrong because its been a long time since I watched the last episode!) and I made decision to take the shinggan,giving condition,

"Ok kalau baca lagi 3 muka surat,akak bagi shinggan ni ok.." 

still,being softspoken to them.

I tried my best though,so that my patience will not reach its limit.I love them,I love kids and playing with them..but this is totally different case.I tried my best to handle them with care,but today...

I have rattan in my hand.
K but that's not going to assure that they'll all going to throw tantrums at me again.
The first day of having rattan in my hand,I didn't use it.I pledged to myself that I'm going to be gentle and softspoken since forever,and not gonna use this to hurt any of my student.

We'll see how it works the next day.

Teaching tuition is quite good actually,because my student is a girl and that's so gonna be way easy for me to teach if I were to compare with the boys hehehe.

But,sometimes FAQ(frequent asked questions) hurted me,and pushing me to go beyond my patience limit.

"Teacher,nak buat garis ke?"
"Teacher,selang ke?"

asking 10 times for every question,ain't that cool?

and I will inhale deeply,answering ;

"ye sayang..selang ok.."
"yes,do the line before you want to write the answer.."

for another 10 times.

Every deep inhalation you know.That sure helps me alot to survive so that the tuition class will not end an earthquack haha!

Whenever I have explained more than twice,and the student is asking me to re-explain,I would tell myself ;

"Maybe I need to change my method.Its not her fault,really.."

that requires a high motivation y'know *crying*
I believe that this is a good lesson to me maybe,to handle my kids someday*facepalm* and maybe teaching me to be more patient despite of me being patient enough even before being a teacher.

I love kids,and this is sure gonna be a good means for me to understand them more and make research of which way of teaching is effective to them,and this helps me to be a good analyst!

Students,I do love you.
Now that I realized how my teachers are being patient to me,when I asked stupid questions like :

"Teacher,so the electromagnetism for this figure will go like this,eh?"
"so teacher..the dipole moment will be cancelled out la kan due to zero net force?"
"Teacher..tak faham..(after teaching has been explaining several times),kenapa nak integrate pulak soalan ni? Shouldn't it be differentiatekan je?"

And I bursts of tears whenever they call me Teacher Balqis.Man,I'm exaggeratinggg!
I mean,I hardly able to define that feeling when they call you liddat,but its a good feeling actually.I feel like I'm appreciated despite of them throwing tantrums at me..they are kids.They don't even know if that hurts me and my feeling.I was one of them before,and that is so a karma to me now.

Its okay,I will survive.I know I will.