Nov 28, 2014

So what to fill during your holidays,SPM leavers?

Its a been awhile,yes I know since my last post.
Oh well,my semester break is quite the same as the SPM leavers.Therefore,I put few hours for myself to write this post so that insyaAllah it'll benefit to you,me and those who are searching for beneficial events this holiday.

For SPM leavers,this holiday should be the best holiday you have as its going to be very long to compare with any break you ever have before.Its going to be 6 months and more if you're not going for National Service,or if you do so,you're still so gonna be home for another 3 months which is still,a long break to go.

Please,I made a lot of mistakes during my past SPM break and I don't want you guys to do so.There are a lot of things I can do,but I treat myself by sitting at home,sometimes going out daa daa when I can earn money from that 3 months break(considering after 3 months of National Service).

So,what can I do during this long break?

1- Find Job
Dude,you are going to need a lot of money when you go to college,when you pursue studies in tertiary level.So,just find some money for yourself so that you won't burden much your family.

But what kind of job that is not merely give money?
Find something unique.Killl two birds using a stone.
Do improve your English skills,at the same time,work and gain money! Ahah,therefore my suggestion is for you to be a little bit of choosy in finding job for you.My suggestion is for you to work at Petrosains(if you're living near KL or easy LRT attached to your house).But you have to be alert to the applications(as far as I know,the earliest intake would be in mid of Jan).

Or work at library/bookstore.As you deal with people,take a chance to use English and you may also spend time reading books while waiting for customers.

trust me,you're in need to be proficient in English for your interviews to get scholarships.

2-Get License
I missed this part.At the moment I wrote this blog,I still didn't have my license.I'm in a long way to go for getting a license,and its tiring.It took me few months to get the license as I'm tied to college hours and few constraints.So,during this holiday,get job,find money,and pay license by yourself!
You're going to need driving license in the future!So why wait?

3-Go to classes and knowledgeable events
Baking class,cooking class,whatever the thing you want to learn that you didn't get the chance to do so during years of secondary school.
May also go to a lot of islamic events if you're searching to gain more islamic knowledge.Seek through iMuslim Academy,Twins of Faith and lots more that usually,they'll spread by Facebook/instagram.Therefore,I urge you to use Internet wisely and be alert to those events.

Try to browse IM4U site,or google directly of latest volunteerism programs that you are able to attend.I always alert of IM4U as it has a very easy access and all I need is to just download the apps from Appstore.

5-Read books

6-Watch TEDTALK & The Merciful Servant

7-Make a wishlist of what you want to achieve this holiday
*I always have it for yearly wishlist,and for this semester break wishlist..will reveal it very soon in the next post!

8-Memorizing Qur'an/Read more of Al-Qur'an
Inshaallah,if we really can finish up at least a juz a day,we are able to khatam Al-Qur'an for nearly 6 times.Mashaallah!

9-Make research of future careers,path,and scholarships.
This is crucial,because when you have obtained SPM results,you need to be alert to the duedate which students are always missed.I even missed my JPA interview though(sobs).

10.*Thinking,critically* Can't find one.Hee :D


To my dearest juniors,this life is a struggle.But we always choose to let ourselves happy and lenient towards this life.Let me share my Facebook status to you :

Remind me that being young tells me that I should not waste my time when I can do a lot to community.Remind me that the responsibilities that I have,overwhelmed the time given by God.Remind me that being youth,is not about enjoying this life with marathon movie once the exam ended,plugged in ear listening to songs when I have a lot of books to read,to increase my knowledge.
I should know that I am ummah's diamond that should be polished,so that I would shimmer the beauty of Islam.I should understand more about leadership from Prophet Muhammad,his companions,Al-Fateh,Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi and much more.

Ensembling Muhammad Al-Fateh(that I am so deeply in love with his history,Ottoman's Empire and the fall of empire) for his fire spirit,for he being able to create a great history during such a young age is not impossible,unless if you let yourself doing no self development & improvement.
Therefore,I believe that this life is a struggle.This reminded me of what my naqibah from SAMTSSSAAS told me : neither this life is a rest,not until you reach your final destination which is going to be Jannah,insyaAllah.
Noo,not a single rest.No overslept.No "qadha' tidur"(allahu*sobs*).
To my beloved friends and juniors who are having holidays,make use of your time wisely.Work,if not for money,do volunteerism.Go for knowledgeable events even if you have to spend some money.Go and travel this world for it broaden your horizons.Read more on good books.Never let yourself unproductive for Allah will ask you,what have you done during your young days.
P/S: This is a letter to myself,before reaching my home having one month break semester.

The real life starts when examinations is over.You'll see a very competitive life,that needs you to be competent enough to be in the game.I urge you to always do self development & self improvement so that we can be a better person after this holiday's over.If you're going to NATIONAL SERVICE,please do not let yourself down by putting down the opportunity to understand the real world,with real people.Because I used to be in sekolah agama since forever,being in PLKN gave me a lot of exposure to become a better muslim,to mingle around with non-muslims,as well as to mingle with people with various backgrounds(giving me chances to do da'wah more).

This life is a war.Its either you move forward or you'll die.Or maybe I can say is,life is like rowing in a river.The stream is so fast that you cannot turn back,or you have to do is to follow the flow.

You can create a lot of achievements this whole holidays,you can do a lot of things during this break.But if you choose to be unproductive,you're the one who's going to be in loss.Remember that we don't have much time to compare with responsibilities we have.
My next update would be : What is my holiday planning?

Stay tuned!