May 19, 2014

What is your feeling after getting straight A's?

Hello there,assalamualaikum.

Years ago,I thought it was epic to get all A's in SPM.The feeling is like you're in cloud nine,or eating marshmallow.Hmm yummeh.Or maybe like eating cotton candy - ,soothe,seductive,melted in mouth.

It is,afterall.

Being me,and being through all exam-oriented examinations.Be it from primary school,and the secondary school..I admitted that I scored the highest in every single exam.

I got 5 A's for UPSR.
I got Mumtaz for PSRA.
I got 9 A's for PMR.
I got Mumtaz for SMA.
I got 11 A's for SPM.

And the thing is,today,I learn that life is beyond the slip.The challenges that you are going through in life are way unimagined than a piece of paper that you're struggling through.

Well hello?Are you saying that you should'nt work hard for every exam?
No.I never mean that way.In fact,I urge every single person around me to be the best in everything that we do.This,includes exam.

Remember what Allah reminds us like 5 times a day,to seek for success? True that,Allah never said that getting all A's in SPM is wrong.

And,for getting all A's in SPM,I never found happiness for myself.Like seriously balqis??
Because you can blatantly see that I work hard not for me.But its for Ummah,the Deen.And of course,as a gift to my parents since I've spent their money alot and I just want this small success would repay at least 0.00001 of their penny.

Is it worth it? Yes.

When I started working so hard,first I told myself : I don't want to get all A's.But I want to understand the knowledge.That with a good comprehension of knowledge,I want to teach others.

I really want to spread the knowledge.It was 5 months before the SPM.

And how I realized?

First,I went to a seminar at PWTC.Met Dr.Fadzilah Kamsah,asked for some advice,and that is what he told me.That alhamdulillah,I'm still doing it today.It feels so wrong,I feel bad for unable to help my friends in certain subjects.That,driven me to understand more and more.

Second,I asked Hafiz Hadi on how to get all A's.Yeah he is a good friend of mine.A year older than me,helped me throughout the hell physics since I failed the Physics up until 4 months before spm.He's the one who sent me his old yet beneficial notes to my school.He's just some stranger that I knew for a day,and he's like a catalyst helped me to understand Physics.Yes,he's doing mech engineering at UTP now.

I asked him "acane aa nak dapat straight A's?"
And his answer is simply, "I don't know.I studied because I want to understand more about the knowledge,I want to discover more about science.I want to understand Allah's creations - the wave,the human body,the electric and all.And through that,I got straight A's."

I sweat drenchfully reading that.I was wrong for one year and half.
And I started to reformat myself,and do it for others.Alhamdulillah,when I reformat my intention-things turned better.I shifted from fail in Physics and Addmaths(it was 4 months before real scary spm) to an A.

Hypothesis accepted.The intention played the main role.

Getting all A's for yourself,is not epic.
But getting all A's for everyone around ya,it is epic.Its a huge success.You give happiness to millions of people around you,and its like you know that that success is not yours afterall.Its for all.

Trust me,it's just unexplainable feeling.I was home 2 days before the results were released,and I dont even feel that intimidating feeling,I don't shiver,I don't even feel anxious.I just-I don't know.

Knowing that I got all A's from a call,I smiled.Ahh heavenly.Its not 'heaven' for getting all A's,it's because the curiousity have come to a period.End.Indeed,curiousity kills a cat *trollface please*

Days by days,I found that the happiness doesn't last long.Yes,you would receive respect,recognition and whatelse.What we never have before,and now people are treating us like an angel in the heaven.

Mind you,there are always some people who are envy,and you don't even know why.You don't even related to him before,you don't even know him(or her).But that's life.Having a person to envy of your life,means you're a step better,and its good for knowing that,no ?

Afteall,people would forget.Well truely,everything in this world won't last long.If you did that to please people,to make people look at you greatfully,you know that you will end up upset in the end of the day.You keep talking about your old success while people? They forget.They don't even care.It was your past.You don't even live in a past.People move.

Being 18*cough*, I understand that some people would fell down deep in a ravine of sadness.They felt sorrow.But its okay dear,just so you know,Allah has always something better.A better plan.

For getting all A's,I thanked Allah SW.T.I never imagined that,though.
For getting all the recognitions,awards,and  kudos - Its all Allah's.Hadza min fadhli rabbi.

Takpe tak dapat straight A pun..aku rasa anak-anak ni tak keciwa pun tak straight A,tapi bila parents keciwa,anak ikut keciwa.So ibu ibu bapak bapak sekalian,janganlah bergantung harap tinggi sangat dengan anak.

*random,because I can HAHAHA*

Hikhoks :3
Because once we feel contented for what we have,we have everything.
Takpe la dapat straight A tak dapat bmw macam anak che ta,macamlah aku boleh drive*facepalm sket*

haha ok baii :)