May 6, 2014

The PLKN Experience ( Part I)

this is so going to be a long post yet full of pictures,well since I have been into the training for 3 months,
what would you expect? a short post?
No no.But I will separate this PLKN story into two main psot,with highlights on important events.

It all started with this.

so I got PLKN Kg. Hijrah,located at Penor Pahang.At the first place,I don't even ever heard the Penor name before.I never know that there's a place with such name.Getting into national service is a total disaster,but going to Penor ? That's catastrophe.

But,I made my way through it.Because God bring me to it,and I believe that he will take me through it.

The camp 

the main entrance.

The dorm.Bravo 1.So I was in Bravo company,and elected to be the Penolong Ketua Kompeni.(I supposed to be the Ketua Kompeni,but its just a long story to tell.So I just dropped the title and be the penolong).

basically,the arrangement of beds will be your index number.They would'nt call you with name,but with the index number.
Since I am bravo,the inital index number will be B(and the same thing goes if you're in Charlie it will be C.If you're in Delta,it will be D..and the list goes on to Alpha.)
and Imma in dorm Bravo 1.
*the whole company was 44 wirawati.So they separated 22 in Bravo 1,and the other half at Bravo 2.

and my initial index will be B1.
And my bed arrangment is 16.
So,Balqis Binti Azhar : B1-16.Got it?

The KKJ.

sigh putih lagi.

The KKJ handled at the first week of the training.I was the MC of the Bravo presentation.The result? We won the first place.

When everyone seems to STILL white.Not until the end of the training.Hee.
I was the one named Bravo as Keris.It was an accident and spontaneous idea.
like everyone was being so in perplexed,not even know the name to be given for Bravo.
So I was like,
''argh payah,bagi nama Keris jela.''
though some might disagree,but since the time were running out,
and they agreed.So here wo go : Keris Flag :)

Maulidur Rasul

Being a speaker in the forum.
For the first time.
*From left : Akmal,Raja Amir and Atikah is not in the pic.

and also,I joined the qasidah team.Hahah hrrrr :)

Bravo Dormmates

             You might have a lot of friends,but dormmates are going to be your backbones,your true friends,your smile,you cheers and your everything.Almost everynight I slept with my two chinese friends,and we shared alot of stories teehee :D


the hari perlantikan day.
Officially,Pen Ketua Kompeni Bravo.

The Duty

Second week of National Service training and Bravo is on duty.Hi mommy :)

Were bored during the duty.So we took some odd pictures.
HAHAHA I'm so missing those wirawati bravo 1 <3 p="">

Like every week,every company will be on duty accordingly.
It started with ALPHA,next Bravo and the list goes on to Charlie and Delta.
Duty day is a boring day.Your time for sleeping will be snatched away,
you're so gonna be in hot.
You're so going to be black.
but that's the fact.