Apr 30, 2014


I've been eagerly waiting for April.Why April?Because its my month.
Your month,balqis? Yesss.BECAUSE I'M OFFICIALLY 18 and I liked it hehehe :D

18 is a symbol of independency,a symbol of maturity,and a symbol that you're not a kid anymore to rely on somebody else.You need to be prepared for the real life,the resistance,the thorny road and the storm throughout the adult life.And oh,learn to control emotions too -,-'

So I think alhamdulillah April month went well,and contented.Schedule-packed.

1-Went bowling with dearies.

2-Celebrated my SPM result.Jyeah ! :D

3- Went to Jejak Menara-IIUM.

4- Yayasan Restu visit

Went to MidValley.

Back to Sabak Bernam for a week.

Went for ngeteh with 'keluarga sabak bernam'.

Gave support to debate team.

and my birthday surprise :')

Helped the debate team,yeyy.

Kita duduk rumah sewa Shark jugak.Kena highlight tuu.

and so I visited SBPI SABAK BERNAM for choral speaking.

The Kokuria Debate,too.At SMKA Simpang Lima.

Again,birthday treat from Miss A :')

Kokuria Debate,yeyyy.

Goodbye Sabak Bernam.Weeee :D

So I went to KAMIL Sekolah Rendah too.

and watched Rio 2 :D

We went to MidValley,and watched Oculus.

not forgotten,SOGO !

The Sam BBST journey,for KAMIL Negeri.

Maybe that's it.I don't really update my life in blog,because we have Instagram :P
Till then,bye.