Dec 31, 2014


I'd like to fly 
For flying will let me know how far I can spread my wings
How brave I am to fly so high
To expand my horizon, a degree that only I can see 

I'd like to become a wanderer
That I don't have to be in a comfort zone
Leaving all my wealth and depends on my own
Prosper gives nothing but an end
But a wanderer will use knowledge and life skills to survive

I'd like to become a lover
For  a lover will live happily ever after
None will be a day without laughters
So I could grow old together with a guy that makes me feel young


Because I believe in love after marriage.


But I'm scared
If I have chosen the wrong person
Or fell in love to a guy that I'm not going to marry
Lovaphobia to the blurry future destiny
Which now I choose to be safe
So,we friends?


Its a long way to go
Maybe we will meet a better person
At the diverged road
For different path we take
There must be a cross
You & me and common similarities
For fate meet us
And nothing will change the fate



Anonymous said...

We have a long way to go .. may Allah bless us Balqis ;)

Aleiya Mustaffa said...

wow the best poem i've read :)
Good Luck for future