Dec 5, 2014

Holiday planning this semester break!

Alhamdulillah,holiday is something that you cannot waste even a single minute of it.Yes,there will always be someone to deny this statement,but IB students won't.Trust me.Sleeping is not regarded as wasting time ok hehehehe.

So I actually wrote few of my holiday planning before the holiday started.I slept 3 o'clock in the morning,browsing here and there because I didn't get the chance to do so during the exam week.You know the hassle during exam week that you will count everything including how many minutes to scroll whatsapp,or even how many minutes should be allocated for only ironing clothes.

Ok that explains the life of an IB student.

lets move to my holiday planning(I know reader's getting boringg ringg ringg) -,-'

First,I listed down what can I do to earn money.

  • Work as a private tutor/tuition teacher
  • Write a book
  • Blog competition
  • Sell used books/clothes
  • Send articles/poems to media
Second,I listed my sem holiday wishlists.
  • Go for beneficial & knowledgeable events
  • Photography at Masjid Wilayah KL
  • Blood donation
  • Watch theatre/play
  • Watch Mockingjay movie
  • Work and find money
  • Do volunteerism activity
  • Balik rumah opah
  • Find winterboots and winter clothes
  • Write a book
  • Look back to your 2014 wishlists and make it comes true
  • Get your driving license
  • Spend a day with Yana & Aileen at Jalan Tar
  • Download TEDTALK & The Merciful Servant
  • Read books and unfinished books
  • Update your blog
Third,I listed my IB targets for this holiday.
  • Do notes of semester 2
  • Read Malay novels given by teacher
  • Revision of semester 1 and know what you don't know
  • Think of your EE & Internal Assessment
  • My sem 2 mission/strategies/tactics
  • Strive 35 and above
  • Fix bad habits during previous semester 1 exam
  • Personal achievement & self development reflections and what to improve in semester 2
Funny,I know.People will say that I'm being unrealistic.But hey,not having the list will makes me feel bad and carried away.Well at least,I have outlined what I aim to do,though there will be possibility of not making it comes true.

Seriously man,I cannot live without list.I mean,I need list for daily list,I need list for shopping...and the list goes on.

Its not about the result,its about your effort of making all the list comes true,albeit the hardship or sacrifice that you need to go through.It will be worth it in the end of the day,biiznillah.

Therefore,I supposed that it is not too late for everyone who are having their holiday or facing new semester.

I need support,instead of questioning would all the list comes true.

Next post?
I don't know.

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