Jul 14, 2014

Life Lessons

Yesterday,I was on my way to Midvalley.
I actually didn't want to go there by taking public transports,since there will be going a crowd of people on weekends taking public transports.Plus its going to take a long time compared to driving by a car.

and I went there.By public transports.The moment I arrived in KL Sentral was already dzuhur,so I straightly made my way to the nearest surau.

Out of a sudden,I saw a man was skating with a skateboard at that hectic KL Sentral.I was so dumbfounded of the reason why would he skated in such this crowd when he can have a better place to do?

No,he wasn't standing on the skate.
he actually sat on the skate.I walked in a very fast pace,trying to figure out something.
Yet I saw him without legs.His two hands,were surrounded with slippers.He don't have a normal hand like I do.Like you do.He don't even have fingers like I do,like you do.

Allah..I knew that He is teaching me something.That guy wore a dirty khaki brown shirt.I knew,that he is working somewhere here,not knowing specifically the place he's working.

After I'm all done with the prayer,I walked to the KTM counter,trying to catch up with the latest train.The queue was so long,God knows how I am very regretted with that queue when the other queue were working faster than the one I was standing and waiting.

Soon,I walked down to the place where I'm supposed to wait.But fate didn't fares me well that day.Seconds that my foot reached to that platform,the train passed.

I was.."oh god I wish that I  could wait for another queue so that I didn't miss that train."

So I sat and opened my Qur'an apps in the Iphone,reading surah Hud.Later,came two tourists sitting beside me.But still,I continued reading the Qur'an.I heard them learning the Malay language from a book,so I started the conversation.It was really,out of my mind to start an informal conversation though.But the conversation went well until they asked me;

"why are you singing through the phone?"
I laughed a little.
"No,I'm not singing.I was reading the Qur'an."

and we talked alout.Ranging about the Islam,IB,significant places in KL and all.

Allah is teaching me something again.
MasyaAllah :)

Jul 9, 2014


I thought that it was just  a week.Time flies,so fast.
And now I'm here for 2 weeks.To tell you much,to describe everything,would surely never happens.
Because everything here is so undescribable,you just have to be here and feel it.Thats how it works.

Oh,just to highlight today's event.Technically its already 0003 am,but yeah considering that its still night so its today's event.

I actually went to an usrah.Yep,here we have a lot of usrah and sharing session.Something that really resembles my old school,samtssaas.Most of the sisters were KMBian and now studying in Manchester,Warwick and Australia.

Yes I felt so excited,because one of them is an Economics student at Warwick University,one of the top universities in UK!

Day by day,I felt so contented as my evening were filled up with usrah,sharing session,tadarus,buka puasa by talam and all.

That include how I actually surprised meeting new people around my life circle,because they are totally amazing and amiable.True,no one can ever replace their awesomeness.In another way,they are very helpful and totally supportive!

Not forgotten to the seniors,they are very helpful.Giving hands whenever we need,giving advices without we even asking,being very cool and kind to us the Year 1 students.

Wallahi,its just wayy tooo awesome to be told.

Oh yeap,I'm having tonnes of homework to do by now.For just living here for two weeks.Oh can't you ever imagined that?

What that I can conclude is that,I think Assorted students are very busy like hell.But having future accountants,lawyers,and economist nope I nevel feel burdened by it.

Sleeping deprived is a norm.Even for just an IB student with 2 weeks titled,only.
I had sleep deprived,which I can only diagnosed it when I was on my way back to KL from KMB.I slept in the train(which I never done before) and missed the station that I supposed to be.

And that happened on the second day too,when I was on my way back from Mid Valley.Oh dear,sleep deprived really happens to IB students.Its not that sleep deprived is because of the IB title,its because of tonnes of homework,not knowing when to do,when you have so little time comparing to the homework that you have to submit the next day.

Okay that explains why I am writing this blog,because I haven't read BMS and Economics yet*sigh*

If you are trying to say that smart people are very nerdy and quiet person,no you are wrong.
Because what I found in KMB is way different than what I thought before,yes,what you're thinking now.

I know,there's a lot to tell about KMB,the studies,the life,the orientation week, but seeing that I haven't yet done with all those workloads,I should stop here.

writing this post,just to tell you that alhamdulillah I'm still alive :)
See you again,peeps.