Jun 22, 2014

For another 2 days left.

OMG I'm so excited,but I just don't show it.What is the point of trying to shoe off your current feeling? heh.

Tell that to Mark Zuckerberg.

So for another two days left,I'll be leaving KL to Banting.Somewhere located outskirts the town,at Selangor.
(Oh even if you ask any KL people,they kinda don't have the idea where the Banting is precisely located)

See that unfair people?They should have known.They should have known that even Banting is located in the midst of pokok kelapa sawit,we have the best IB school.So proud meh.

For another two days left,I'll officially become an IB student,and live for 2 years among geniuses from all over Malaysia.Okay that makes me feel inferior.

For another two days left,I'll officially trying to fall in love with Economics - though I don't even have any idea what would I learn in future or what would I be.Life is full of suprises,isn't it? But yeah,I did a lot of research just to make sure I know things mingling around the world of Economics,and KMB of course.

For making the decision to let myself not doing law,I hope I won't regret.The point is,I am already a step forward.I don't have any way out.I can't turn back time and say I regretted with this decision.

So chin up,balqis ! And put trust to yourself that you will strive the best.That you will give the ultimate energy to IB life,and go to oversea for another 2 years.

I feel so excited.Packing things over and over again,socially trying to adapt myself among virtual KMBian '14-'16 from the facebook group that I hope I won't get introvert or even worse,to feel kinda awkward in a new place.Speaking about that,I am so elated for being able to have some friends which we called ourselves as "Selfie Gang" and so yeah,that blatantly shows the mission of the group heh.

Anyhow,most of my friends have already enrolled to their universities and I am so overjoyed for them.Alhamdulillah for they are success the way they define it :*) 

But I am that annoying me,I just felt that jealousy as I didn't enter KMB yet.Sigh*
You know that feeling when your friends uploaded their orientation pictures in instagram and facebook?You know that God-knows-feeling,when they talk about the classes,kuliah,tutorial,quizzes RELENTLESSLY and I'm so out of clue.What quiz? Macam masa sekolah rendah tu ke? 

Ok that's me,lacking of vocabulary of university version.Pity little girl.

And for the really next two days,I'll upload my instagram with a picture of my things that I'm going to bring to  KMB and its like a lorry you know -_-' But I'm just going to drive a Honda Stream lol.

I'm looking forward for another 2 days of tomorrow,and enrolled myself to the best IB world school.

May Allah ease & bless.Amin.

[please please and please pray for me,and for my success].

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