May 25, 2014

So the Mara result is already relesed,no?

Assalamualaikum.I know I know,its already 2:27 am.But I just can't sleep since I've changed to become a nocturnal after the plkn life.

And no,I can't change my biological clock.Back to the main topic,the MARA result is out.Alhamdulillah,I got MARA for Economics.

*This is UPU*

*This is MARA*

This is,indeed,a tough decision to make.When people ask me,what do you want in the future? I told myself,I don't know.I don't have any ambition.I'm just being that fragile me,despite all the achievements I have.

I'm still a person without future.Back then, I realized that maybe this void should be refill by fulfilling someone's hope.Mummy's hope.To become a lawyer.

But I want something better.I don't want to be ordinanry-because everyone can be a lawyer.Even Dyana Sofya can become a lawyer bahahahaha lame ._.

I want to go further.I want to do Islamic Banking and Finance.I want something better for Ummah.
I analysed the whole thing around me,and I see then conventional bank is getting down.Islamic banking are currently highly demanded.This is such a bright chance and market,I thought.

I aim higher.I want to have even PhD in Islamic Banking and Finance.No,it ain't easy.
Even more,I want to help this Ummah by demolishing Riba'.

I just want to do Master in Islamic Banking and Finance.That's all.So I apply in Law,since I would still be eligible to do IBF.

As for MARA,yes I asked for Economics.People was like whatdapanda why are you asking for Economics balqis??!!?! But I'm I said before..I want to do Master in IBF.That is all.And I can still do it through Econs.

So now,I get what I want.I got both.I'm so blank.Because I thought I won't get for MARA.Because I had a tough interview,since all my groupmates are totally awesome and cool the way they are.

Wehh susahnya nak membuat keputusan T_T
But ok,I continue this post with some more interesting story.So I posted this screenshot to Facebook*well hello I don't have any Twitter account,and quite proud of it*

And alhamdulillah,I received a lot of motivational words actually.Can't thank them enough for living in my life circle,because I feel blessed!

Here is some word from Ustaz Bakhtiar,he was my faci when I attended Nadwah Kepimpinan Islam Selangor.It was a short meeting,but Allah makes us still keep in touch.Hamdanlillah..

"Tahniah balqis. Teruskan perjuangan. Ingat perjuangan hanya utk allah dan agama."

"Hari ni kamu layak berasa gembira dan bangga. Akhirnya kamu akan kata, tak sia2 aku sengkang mata belajar dan qiamullail. Kembalikan kegembiraan dan kebanggaan kpd pemiliknya dgn bersujud syukur. Tahniah. Saya bangga dgn kamu. Terus attach dgn saya sbb saya memerlukan kamu dan rakan2 dlm perjuangan agama."

 "Ingat pesan saya seterusnya, hidup mati biar bererti."

See? Now don't ask me why I don't feel blessed.
Its hard to choose whether its Law or Economics.Both have its own pros and cons.
As such,Mara : You are able to fly.Only if you required 35/45 of the points in International Baccalaureate.

Law:You can still live local.You can go home everyweek.You can go to Midvalley with Soofiyah.You can go to places you want to go.

Indeed,a tough tough tough (and the word continues) decision.

I asked myself,can I do IB? Because its IB!Its hard T_T

Can I get atleast 35/45? I don't know.Because its IB t_t

or maybe because I'm the only one to feel inferior.

But then,I met someone online.It is Kak Izyan Ariff.Accidentally found her blog from Angel Pakai Gucci,so I added her on Facebook.Suddenly,we were chatting after the MARA result is out.Its the first time,and again I feel blessed to have someone around me,just on time.

Its like Allah is helping me out.Maka benarlah;

He gives you to it,and He will get you through it.

and now I'm scrolling down the chat window,looking for some words to be quoted.Mihmih :3

"Things are always going to be harder.Always harder.But we all will get through it insyaallah."

"Dont let the hard part deter you."

"the key is, dont care about orang laen punya achievements."

"We all have our own fights, and we all try and do our best."

"Dont look at the result, but look at the effort."
"Do your best,and ask for Allah's help."

so umphh I just haven't made this BIG decision yet.I need to ask myself,
why would I fly?
why would I do IB?
Why should I go UIA?
Sebab everything seems to be so campur-campur lah.
Because all I can imagine when I go to UIA is to be home frequently,bhahahah and also going to places around KL that I haven't discover.yet.LOL to that.

Need some more time,and oh if you have any opinion,just write it in my comments form.I need it,like A LOT.Okay,goodnight :)

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