May 13, 2014

Mara and JPA scholarships for SPM leavers

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

I've been so procrastinate about this topic since all the interviews were done two weeks ago.Oh my,forgive me for being such a procrastinator.Back to the topic,so the two most popular scholarships that most people would have ask for,because it's just famous?Em maybe.
We'll start with JPA.
For SPM leavers that have received the result,the applications can be filled in through online maybe a day after the results,and closed for less than two weeks after the SPM result is released.So the main word is,

The JPA scholarships opened after the SPM result is released is for engineering to oversea.
[French,Germany,UK and South Korea]

If you're interested on doing engineering,go on and fill in all the forms.It wasn't that complicated and hard  though compared to certain scholarships that needs you to scan all the forms and certificate(like Maybank/ Khazanah - Khazanah has several stages before you could be accepted to the final stage).

There's another one : JPA-MARA.

Well,basically,if you have applied for MARA- you are not eligible to enroll this programme.Its just no way for you to go oversea by filling up this two main scolarships.So you must choose either one.
But I'm not really sure the course offered for JPA-MARA programme.So please have some effort to google to other people's blog okay.

Oh hey,credited to Danial Punawi for sharing this.
Because I made mistakes by filling MARA and JPA-MARA scholarships..if I were given a second chance,I would choose JPA-MARA programme instead of MARA.

But only if I can turn back time..

So next,the MARA programme.
MARA is built to help bumiputera for furthering studies in various fields.In another words,this is actually a huge opportunity for bumi's to go abroad and gain knowledge,and a scroll of degree of course!

See I'm not being racism here.

p/s : Update as of 13th March 2016, due to the recalibration of 2016 Budget, I am not sure what is the current status for JPA scholarships as of now.

The MARA interview.

Alhamdulillah,I asked for Economics at UK bound.But before going to UK,I'll do the International Baccalaureate.The interview was scheduled on 26th of April.I was told by a friend that the interview was actually handled for four days,heck I couldn't even churn when she said that my interview was actually the last day.

That day,about 300+ spm leavers  taking the interview.
and multiplied by four days.
Omgee there are about more than 1200+ spm leavers who have applied for MARA scholars.
But yeah,it was handled at Kolej Mara Banting,Selangor.

and can you imagine how many places that had held this interview?
The main point is : There are going to be a lot of applicants.But I dont know how many applicants would they accept,but sure its going to be wayyy lesser than the amount of applicants.

The hot issue happened when this year(2014),they did the Psychometric Test through online.All this while the test was handled in a hall,so the cheating will not happen(well maybe exist,but the probability would be less)

back then,there were some applicants that had screenshot all the questions,and MARA have blacklisted them.So the key is,be honest!
If we can't honest throughout the process,how are we going to be honest with the money given by MARA?
Aint that correct?

I went to KMB.
Well,I entered the KMB hall,full of agony feeling.I was nervous.I read the surah Al-Insyirah.I just hope that everything will be fine.So I stepped into the hall and pick a seat that.

But I don't even had the idea that the seat arranged are actually for interview groups too.
Whoever that sat in the same row as you,they will  be your mates during the interview.
So,be friends with them! Be nice,be amiable.Talk to everyone,and know their names.

The Interview.

The 10 of us.Brilliant yet amiable new friends.

syed bukak mata la syed -_-

Alhamdulillah,I was fated to be in an awesome group! With wan(mrsm batu pahat),syed(smk btho),iman&amni(tkc),the STF,the SMSJohor(Iqma) and Aisyah from SMS Sembrong,Nadia from MOZAC.well,we are supposed to be 10 but I couldn't really remember their names.

My bad.I'm not good at memorizing names.

The first round is to overcome a problem about a thief who wants to steal two bar of golds.But there were some contsraints about the weight,and he don't even had enough time to do anything.Argh,this round requires a lot of critical thinking and problem solving.See I'm not good at giving way out.

But,try to talk.Just speak out your words.Be the way you are,lead the group,but don't leave your friends behind.Don't conquer,but make all the mates talk.

The second round is more to individual.The interviewer would ask you a question and that depends on your reading about current issue.I got the poligamy issue*facepalm*

The third round is wayyyy better because we had a game.And I think it was fun since all the interview before was little serious,but hey this round is something you gotta enjoy.

Contribute something to your group.In a way of ideas,or cutting the papers,anything that you could do :)
Remember,a leader is not someone who talks alot.

JPA interview

I missed the interview.Yes,missed.I didn't even download the pdf file,I dont even read the date..all I knew that I'm accepted to go for interview,but it never crossed my mind about to click the given documents.

and i missed it.
But,there's no way for me to cry or to feel any sense of regret.Because its engineering! 
and as the last post told ya,I'm not even interested on doing engineering.

I'm sorry,I am actually struggling to finish this post.I was reminiscing all those old things because I don't want to miss every important tips and events.

Continue reading,peeps!

1. Does the interview will be held in English?
Yes, and most of interview scholarships too.

2. Does the method of interview will be similar from one year to another?
Nope, its different from one year to another especially MARA. The format will be different but that does not mean you don't have to be prepared!

3. Do you have any interview tips?
Yes, you may refer here :

4. If I want to ask question and yet remain anonymous, what should I do?
Ask here :


Danial Punawi said...

All the best!

Anonymous said...

what other activities that u guys did ?

Balqis Azhar said...

Not that much though.
We only have three session of interview,after passing through the psychometric test.

Razleena Aida said...

Hey, when you went through the individul interview, were you asked to speak in english or malay or you can choose??? Please reply, thanks.

Anonymous said...

How long was the whole interview session?

Balqis Azhar said...

Razleena : All the interview will be held in English.Afterall,every single interview to go for a scholarship will be in English.Goodluck!

Anon : An hour or so,that exclude your time listening to the briefing and waiting for your turn.Goodluck!

Emir Imran said...

Gosh, today's my interview and after reading up a lot on the ones conducted by MARA, I do feel confident of it today! ( Well, I'm kinda nervous. I mean who won't be? Hahaha )

Hoping that I won't be slapped with difficult questions considering that I'm planning to take up IB firstly at KMB followed by medic in TCD, Ireland. :)

Thanks for the piece of work! It did give me some enlightment.

Balqis Azhar said...

Emir :Wow,you have a very bright vision don't you?

I wish you the best,and if you really want to go to TCD - I guess choosing KMB is the best place to prepare yourself for the best :)