May 26, 2014


If only I could have a door to see my future,

I would know what's best for me.
I would know the mistakes I'm going to do,and I'll try not to.

If only I could have a door to see my future,
I don't have to worry-because its already secured.
I don't have to fall in love with the wrong guy,
and I would never dream anything.

But only if I could..
and now,I'm stucked between two choice.
That changes EVERYTHING in my life.
I don't know which one works the best for me,
and I don't know if the decision I'm going to make is correct.

But people say,
No matter what you do and what choice is,
never regret
because sometimes wrong decision brings you to the right place

If this life is about Him
Then to Him that this matter I should refer
Then to Him I should pray out loud
If He brings you to it,He will get you through it

"Ya Allah, aku memohon petunjuk daripadaMu dengan ilmuMu dan aku memohon ketentuan daripadaMu dengan kekuasaanMu dan aku memohon daripadaMu akan limpah kurniaanMu yang besar. Sesungguhnya Engkau Maha Berkuasa sedangkan aku tidak berkuasa dan Engkau Maha Mengetahui sedangkan aku tidak mengetahui dan Engkaulah Yang Maha Mengetahu segala perkara yang ghaib. Ya Allah, seandainya Engkau mengetahui bahawasanya urusan ini (sebutkan..) adalah baik bagiku pada agamaku, kehidupanku dan kesudahan urusanku sama ada cepat atau lambat, takdirkanlah ia bagiku dan permudahkanlah serta berkatlah bagiku padanya da seandainya Engkau mengetahui bahawa urusan ini (pilihan keuniversiti) mendatangkan keburukan bagiku pada agamaku, kehidupanku dan kesudahan urusanku sama ada cepat atau lambat, maka jauhkanlah aku daripadanya dan takdirkanlah kebaikan untukku dalam sebarang keadaan sekalipun kemudian redhailah aku dengannya".

*stumbled upon this video while I was searching the word ISTIKHARAH*

May 25, 2014

So the Mara result is already relesed,no?

Assalamualaikum.I know I know,its already 2:27 am.But I just can't sleep since I've changed to become a nocturnal after the plkn life.

And no,I can't change my biological clock.Back to the main topic,the MARA result is out.Alhamdulillah,I got MARA for Economics.

*This is UPU*

*This is MARA*

This is,indeed,a tough decision to make.When people ask me,what do you want in the future? I told myself,I don't know.I don't have any ambition.I'm just being that fragile me,despite all the achievements I have.

I'm still a person without future.Back then, I realized that maybe this void should be refill by fulfilling someone's hope.Mummy's hope.To become a lawyer.

But I want something better.I don't want to be ordinanry-because everyone can be a lawyer.Even Dyana Sofya can become a lawyer bahahahaha lame ._.

I want to go further.I want to do Islamic Banking and Finance.I want something better for Ummah.
I analysed the whole thing around me,and I see then conventional bank is getting down.Islamic banking are currently highly demanded.This is such a bright chance and market,I thought.

I aim higher.I want to have even PhD in Islamic Banking and Finance.No,it ain't easy.
Even more,I want to help this Ummah by demolishing Riba'.

I just want to do Master in Islamic Banking and Finance.That's all.So I apply in Law,since I would still be eligible to do IBF.

As for MARA,yes I asked for Economics.People was like whatdapanda why are you asking for Economics balqis??!!?! But I'm I said before..I want to do Master in IBF.That is all.And I can still do it through Econs.

So now,I get what I want.I got both.I'm so blank.Because I thought I won't get for MARA.Because I had a tough interview,since all my groupmates are totally awesome and cool the way they are.

Wehh susahnya nak membuat keputusan T_T
But ok,I continue this post with some more interesting story.So I posted this screenshot to Facebook*well hello I don't have any Twitter account,and quite proud of it*

And alhamdulillah,I received a lot of motivational words actually.Can't thank them enough for living in my life circle,because I feel blessed!

Here is some word from Ustaz Bakhtiar,he was my faci when I attended Nadwah Kepimpinan Islam Selangor.It was a short meeting,but Allah makes us still keep in touch.Hamdanlillah..

"Tahniah balqis. Teruskan perjuangan. Ingat perjuangan hanya utk allah dan agama."

"Hari ni kamu layak berasa gembira dan bangga. Akhirnya kamu akan kata, tak sia2 aku sengkang mata belajar dan qiamullail. Kembalikan kegembiraan dan kebanggaan kpd pemiliknya dgn bersujud syukur. Tahniah. Saya bangga dgn kamu. Terus attach dgn saya sbb saya memerlukan kamu dan rakan2 dlm perjuangan agama."

 "Ingat pesan saya seterusnya, hidup mati biar bererti."

See? Now don't ask me why I don't feel blessed.
Its hard to choose whether its Law or Economics.Both have its own pros and cons.
As such,Mara : You are able to fly.Only if you required 35/45 of the points in International Baccalaureate.

Law:You can still live local.You can go home everyweek.You can go to Midvalley with Soofiyah.You can go to places you want to go.

Indeed,a tough tough tough (and the word continues) decision.

I asked myself,can I do IB? Because its IB!Its hard T_T

Can I get atleast 35/45? I don't know.Because its IB t_t

or maybe because I'm the only one to feel inferior.

But then,I met someone online.It is Kak Izyan Ariff.Accidentally found her blog from Angel Pakai Gucci,so I added her on Facebook.Suddenly,we were chatting after the MARA result is out.Its the first time,and again I feel blessed to have someone around me,just on time.

Its like Allah is helping me out.Maka benarlah;

He gives you to it,and He will get you through it.

and now I'm scrolling down the chat window,looking for some words to be quoted.Mihmih :3

"Things are always going to be harder.Always harder.But we all will get through it insyaallah."

"Dont let the hard part deter you."

"the key is, dont care about orang laen punya achievements."

"We all have our own fights, and we all try and do our best."

"Dont look at the result, but look at the effort."
"Do your best,and ask for Allah's help."

so umphh I just haven't made this BIG decision yet.I need to ask myself,
why would I fly?
why would I do IB?
Why should I go UIA?
Sebab everything seems to be so campur-campur lah.
Because all I can imagine when I go to UIA is to be home frequently,bhahahah and also going to places around KL that I haven't discover.yet.LOL to that.

Need some more time,and oh if you have any opinion,just write it in my comments form.I need it,like A LOT.Okay,goodnight :)

May 19, 2014

What is your feeling after getting straight A's?

Hello there,assalamualaikum.

Years ago,I thought it was epic to get all A's in SPM.The feeling is like you're in cloud nine,or eating marshmallow.Hmm yummeh.Or maybe like eating cotton candy - ,soothe,seductive,melted in mouth.

It is,afterall.

Being me,and being through all exam-oriented examinations.Be it from primary school,and the secondary school..I admitted that I scored the highest in every single exam.

I got 5 A's for UPSR.
I got Mumtaz for PSRA.
I got 9 A's for PMR.
I got Mumtaz for SMA.
I got 11 A's for SPM.

And the thing is,today,I learn that life is beyond the slip.The challenges that you are going through in life are way unimagined than a piece of paper that you're struggling through.

Well hello?Are you saying that you should'nt work hard for every exam?
No.I never mean that way.In fact,I urge every single person around me to be the best in everything that we do.This,includes exam.

Remember what Allah reminds us like 5 times a day,to seek for success? True that,Allah never said that getting all A's in SPM is wrong.

And,for getting all A's in SPM,I never found happiness for myself.Like seriously balqis??
Because you can blatantly see that I work hard not for me.But its for Ummah,the Deen.And of course,as a gift to my parents since I've spent their money alot and I just want this small success would repay at least 0.00001 of their penny.

Is it worth it? Yes.

When I started working so hard,first I told myself : I don't want to get all A's.But I want to understand the knowledge.That with a good comprehension of knowledge,I want to teach others.

I really want to spread the knowledge.It was 5 months before the SPM.

And how I realized?

First,I went to a seminar at PWTC.Met Dr.Fadzilah Kamsah,asked for some advice,and that is what he told me.That alhamdulillah,I'm still doing it today.It feels so wrong,I feel bad for unable to help my friends in certain subjects.That,driven me to understand more and more.

Second,I asked Hafiz Hadi on how to get all A's.Yeah he is a good friend of mine.A year older than me,helped me throughout the hell physics since I failed the Physics up until 4 months before spm.He's the one who sent me his old yet beneficial notes to my school.He's just some stranger that I knew for a day,and he's like a catalyst helped me to understand Physics.Yes,he's doing mech engineering at UTP now.

I asked him "acane aa nak dapat straight A's?"
And his answer is simply, "I don't know.I studied because I want to understand more about the knowledge,I want to discover more about science.I want to understand Allah's creations - the wave,the human body,the electric and all.And through that,I got straight A's."

I sweat drenchfully reading that.I was wrong for one year and half.
And I started to reformat myself,and do it for others.Alhamdulillah,when I reformat my intention-things turned better.I shifted from fail in Physics and Addmaths(it was 4 months before real scary spm) to an A.

Hypothesis accepted.The intention played the main role.

Getting all A's for yourself,is not epic.
But getting all A's for everyone around ya,it is epic.Its a huge success.You give happiness to millions of people around you,and its like you know that that success is not yours afterall.Its for all.

Trust me,it's just unexplainable feeling.I was home 2 days before the results were released,and I dont even feel that intimidating feeling,I don't shiver,I don't even feel anxious.I just-I don't know.

Knowing that I got all A's from a call,I smiled.Ahh heavenly.Its not 'heaven' for getting all A's,it's because the curiousity have come to a period.End.Indeed,curiousity kills a cat *trollface please*

Days by days,I found that the happiness doesn't last long.Yes,you would receive respect,recognition and whatelse.What we never have before,and now people are treating us like an angel in the heaven.

Mind you,there are always some people who are envy,and you don't even know why.You don't even related to him before,you don't even know him(or her).But that's life.Having a person to envy of your life,means you're a step better,and its good for knowing that,no ?

Afteall,people would forget.Well truely,everything in this world won't last long.If you did that to please people,to make people look at you greatfully,you know that you will end up upset in the end of the day.You keep talking about your old success while people? They forget.They don't even care.It was your past.You don't even live in a past.People move.

Being 18*cough*, I understand that some people would fell down deep in a ravine of sadness.They felt sorrow.But its okay dear,just so you know,Allah has always something better.A better plan.

For getting all A's,I thanked Allah SW.T.I never imagined that,though.
For getting all the recognitions,awards,and  kudos - Its all Allah's.Hadza min fadhli rabbi.

Takpe tak dapat straight A pun..aku rasa anak-anak ni tak keciwa pun tak straight A,tapi bila parents keciwa,anak ikut keciwa.So ibu ibu bapak bapak sekalian,janganlah bergantung harap tinggi sangat dengan anak.

*random,because I can HAHAHA*

Hikhoks :3
Because once we feel contented for what we have,we have everything.
Takpe la dapat straight A tak dapat bmw macam anak che ta,macamlah aku boleh drive*facepalm sket*

haha ok baii :)

May 13, 2014

Mara and JPA scholarships for SPM leavers

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

I've been so procrastinate about this topic since all the interviews were done two weeks ago.Oh my,forgive me for being such a procrastinator.Back to the topic,so the two most popular scholarships that most people would have ask for,because it's just famous?Em maybe.
We'll start with JPA.
For SPM leavers that have received the result,the applications can be filled in through online maybe a day after the results,and closed for less than two weeks after the SPM result is released.So the main word is,

The JPA scholarships opened after the SPM result is released is for engineering to oversea.
[French,Germany,UK and South Korea]

If you're interested on doing engineering,go on and fill in all the forms.It wasn't that complicated and hard  though compared to certain scholarships that needs you to scan all the forms and certificate(like Maybank/ Khazanah - Khazanah has several stages before you could be accepted to the final stage).

There's another one : JPA-MARA.

Well,basically,if you have applied for MARA- you are not eligible to enroll this programme.Its just no way for you to go oversea by filling up this two main scolarships.So you must choose either one.
But I'm not really sure the course offered for JPA-MARA programme.So please have some effort to google to other people's blog okay.

Oh hey,credited to Danial Punawi for sharing this.
Because I made mistakes by filling MARA and JPA-MARA scholarships..if I were given a second chance,I would choose JPA-MARA programme instead of MARA.

But only if I can turn back time..

So next,the MARA programme.
MARA is built to help bumiputera for furthering studies in various fields.In another words,this is actually a huge opportunity for bumi's to go abroad and gain knowledge,and a scroll of degree of course!

See I'm not being racism here.

p/s : Update as of 13th March 2016, due to the recalibration of 2016 Budget, I am not sure what is the current status for JPA scholarships as of now.

The MARA interview.

Alhamdulillah,I asked for Economics at UK bound.But before going to UK,I'll do the International Baccalaureate.The interview was scheduled on 26th of April.I was told by a friend that the interview was actually handled for four days,heck I couldn't even churn when she said that my interview was actually the last day.

That day,about 300+ spm leavers  taking the interview.
and multiplied by four days.
Omgee there are about more than 1200+ spm leavers who have applied for MARA scholars.
But yeah,it was handled at Kolej Mara Banting,Selangor.

and can you imagine how many places that had held this interview?
The main point is : There are going to be a lot of applicants.But I dont know how many applicants would they accept,but sure its going to be wayyy lesser than the amount of applicants.

The hot issue happened when this year(2014),they did the Psychometric Test through online.All this while the test was handled in a hall,so the cheating will not happen(well maybe exist,but the probability would be less)

back then,there were some applicants that had screenshot all the questions,and MARA have blacklisted them.So the key is,be honest!
If we can't honest throughout the process,how are we going to be honest with the money given by MARA?
Aint that correct?

I went to KMB.
Well,I entered the KMB hall,full of agony feeling.I was nervous.I read the surah Al-Insyirah.I just hope that everything will be fine.So I stepped into the hall and pick a seat that.

But I don't even had the idea that the seat arranged are actually for interview groups too.
Whoever that sat in the same row as you,they will  be your mates during the interview.
So,be friends with them! Be nice,be amiable.Talk to everyone,and know their names.

The Interview.

The 10 of us.Brilliant yet amiable new friends.

syed bukak mata la syed -_-

Alhamdulillah,I was fated to be in an awesome group! With wan(mrsm batu pahat),syed(smk btho),iman&amni(tkc),the STF,the SMSJohor(Iqma) and Aisyah from SMS Sembrong,Nadia from MOZAC.well,we are supposed to be 10 but I couldn't really remember their names.

My bad.I'm not good at memorizing names.

The first round is to overcome a problem about a thief who wants to steal two bar of golds.But there were some contsraints about the weight,and he don't even had enough time to do anything.Argh,this round requires a lot of critical thinking and problem solving.See I'm not good at giving way out.

But,try to talk.Just speak out your words.Be the way you are,lead the group,but don't leave your friends behind.Don't conquer,but make all the mates talk.

The second round is more to individual.The interviewer would ask you a question and that depends on your reading about current issue.I got the poligamy issue*facepalm*

The third round is wayyyy better because we had a game.And I think it was fun since all the interview before was little serious,but hey this round is something you gotta enjoy.

Contribute something to your group.In a way of ideas,or cutting the papers,anything that you could do :)
Remember,a leader is not someone who talks alot.

JPA interview

I missed the interview.Yes,missed.I didn't even download the pdf file,I dont even read the date..all I knew that I'm accepted to go for interview,but it never crossed my mind about to click the given documents.

and i missed it.
But,there's no way for me to cry or to feel any sense of regret.Because its engineering! 
and as the last post told ya,I'm not even interested on doing engineering.

I'm sorry,I am actually struggling to finish this post.I was reminiscing all those old things because I don't want to miss every important tips and events.

Continue reading,peeps!

1. Does the interview will be held in English?
Yes, and most of interview scholarships too.

2. Does the method of interview will be similar from one year to another?
Nope, its different from one year to another especially MARA. The format will be different but that does not mean you don't have to be prepared!

3. Do you have any interview tips?
Yes, you may refer here :

4. If I want to ask question and yet remain anonymous, what should I do?
Ask here :

May 11, 2014

Jadi,bagaimana masa depan anda?

Assalamualaikum,hey there :)
Alhamdulillah,been through a good weeks of life after spm results,and the national service of course!

So,what's next?

firstly,lepas dapat result spm segala,aku pun dengan aktifnya menghantar beberapa permohonan untuk scholarship.

5-Yayasan Khazanah

dalam banyak-banyak tu,yang sangkut dua je.Satu,sebab Maybank ni sangatlah rumit.Kena pos macam-macam.

Jadi,dipendekkan cerita,aku dapat JPA interview untuk engineering & MARA untuk economics.

Pendekkan lagi,aku missed the JPA interview 'cause I didn't download the form,so masa perasan tu 21hb tengah malam,padahal iv dia siang tadi.Oh darn.

Tapii,tidaklah aku begitu sedih hingga taknak makan segala because its engineering!And I'm not going to be an engineer.Ok?

(tapi bercita-cita nak kahwin dengan engineer supaya anak-anak terror fizik dengan addmath HAHA).

As for MARA,I went to the iv which was handled at KMB,on 26th of April.
[dan insyaallah,akan ditulis in the other post sebab nak cerita the process etc etc]

Tapinya,aku turut menerima offer letter dari GMi(German-Malaysian Institute) untuk buat A level.
Jugaa..dalam engineering.

Tula,tahu tu,rasa macam hidup dikelilingi bidang engineering.Tapi tidak.Tidak.Aku tak mahu =_='

Semalam,10/5/2014 : UPU IS OUT :)

Setelah berminggu menunggu UPU ni,kejap kata 4hb,kejap kata itu,kejap kata ini,alhamdulillah ianya telah ditemui kembali setelah hilang dari radar.

and guess whatt....
I'm going to do law in IIUM PJ !

As far as I know,asasi ni ditaja sepenuhnya KPM.Tinggal engko nak belajar bersungguh-sungguh je.Kalau tak mboh jugak,pergi terjun gaung.

Tapiiii..jauh didasar hati,aku serius teringin nak buat AUSMAT(australian matriculation).
Nak buat ADFP(American degree transfer programme) macam takde course yang sesuai.
Nak buat A level,macam tak hingin jugak.

Bila surf site INTEC,fees untuk AUSMAT saje RM33 K.Amboi,baik aku kahwin dari buat AUSMAT.

Itulah,so now,I am waiting for MARA.I asked for Economics in UK bound.Tapi sebelum tu,kena buat International Baccalaureate dulu.

but then,Hafiz bagitahu IB susah tahap teragig kot.Aku ni dahlah jenis self esteem rendah gila.Selalu rasa diri tak mampu.

macam masa SMA dulu.
macam masa SPM pun.

macam masa bila-bila punlaa.Acah tak dapat mumtaz,alih-alih dapat.Acah tak dapat straight A,alih-alih dapat juga.

Tapi,itu semuanya Allah bagi kan? rezeki.Dia bagi,kita ambil :) Dah tentu segala pujian kembali kepadaNya.

Kadang-kadang(eh tak sebenarnya most of the time) rasa geram dan bosan bila tanya ,

''lepasni buat apa?''
"oh sambung belajar dekat mana?"
"masuk U mana?"

tapi aku ni memang jenis tak suka FAQ kot.Dan memang tak suka jawab soalan.Yang aku perasan dari zaman sekolah menengah lagi.Kalau ada orang tanya repeated question atau frequent question,aku jadi cepat naik angin dan macam arghh tension gila.

So,setiap kali ada apa-apa,aku post kat Facebook je.
[Tapi soalan kat inbox masih lagi bertimbun jugak].

dan ianya mengundang masalah mental.

So,while waiting for MARA..I'll stick to my upu result.Which is foundation in law,IIUM PJ :)

OK,goodbye :)

May 6, 2014

The PLKN Experience ( Part I)

this is so going to be a long post yet full of pictures,well since I have been into the training for 3 months,
what would you expect? a short post?
No no.But I will separate this PLKN story into two main psot,with highlights on important events.

It all started with this.

so I got PLKN Kg. Hijrah,located at Penor Pahang.At the first place,I don't even ever heard the Penor name before.I never know that there's a place with such name.Getting into national service is a total disaster,but going to Penor ? That's catastrophe.

But,I made my way through it.Because God bring me to it,and I believe that he will take me through it.

The camp 

the main entrance.

The dorm.Bravo 1.So I was in Bravo company,and elected to be the Penolong Ketua Kompeni.(I supposed to be the Ketua Kompeni,but its just a long story to tell.So I just dropped the title and be the penolong).

basically,the arrangement of beds will be your index number.They would'nt call you with name,but with the index number.
Since I am bravo,the inital index number will be B(and the same thing goes if you're in Charlie it will be C.If you're in Delta,it will be D..and the list goes on to Alpha.)
and Imma in dorm Bravo 1.
*the whole company was 44 wirawati.So they separated 22 in Bravo 1,and the other half at Bravo 2.

and my initial index will be B1.
And my bed arrangment is 16.
So,Balqis Binti Azhar : B1-16.Got it?

The KKJ.

sigh putih lagi.

The KKJ handled at the first week of the training.I was the MC of the Bravo presentation.The result? We won the first place.

When everyone seems to STILL white.Not until the end of the training.Hee.
I was the one named Bravo as Keris.It was an accident and spontaneous idea.
like everyone was being so in perplexed,not even know the name to be given for Bravo.
So I was like,
''argh payah,bagi nama Keris jela.''
though some might disagree,but since the time were running out,
and they agreed.So here wo go : Keris Flag :)

Maulidur Rasul

Being a speaker in the forum.
For the first time.
*From left : Akmal,Raja Amir and Atikah is not in the pic.

and also,I joined the qasidah team.Hahah hrrrr :)

Bravo Dormmates

             You might have a lot of friends,but dormmates are going to be your backbones,your true friends,your smile,you cheers and your everything.Almost everynight I slept with my two chinese friends,and we shared alot of stories teehee :D


the hari perlantikan day.
Officially,Pen Ketua Kompeni Bravo.

The Duty

Second week of National Service training and Bravo is on duty.Hi mommy :)

Were bored during the duty.So we took some odd pictures.
HAHAHA I'm so missing those wirawati bravo 1 <3 p="">

Like every week,every company will be on duty accordingly.
It started with ALPHA,next Bravo and the list goes on to Charlie and Delta.
Duty day is a boring day.Your time for sleeping will be snatched away,
you're so gonna be in hot.
You're so going to be black.
but that's the fact.

May 1, 2014

Travelogue : Graduated from Islamic High School Of Salahuddin.

Assalamualaikum !

Last week,I spent a little time having a gateaway at Sabak Bernam.For 3 days.
Well,been to Sabak two weeks before.And stayed there for a week.Hehe :)

The Thursday.

Bertolak dari rumah jam 9.45 macam  tu and arrived KL Sentral dalam pukul 10.Mencari dua kekasih hati(Baca: Fatin Nadhirah & Azlinie) yang sedang bergumbira di foodcourt sambil menikmati nasi lemak.

Bergerak ke Plaza Rakyat.Letak beg kat situ dengan penuh tawakkal tahap mega.
Sebab kitorang plan nak pergi Kenanga.Atyn & Azlinie nak sesangat cari baju baru untuk naik pentas.A reward to self katanyaaaaa...

So we went there from Plaza Rakyat to Hang Tuah.
Kebetulan sampai,hujan masyaAllah lebat sesangat.So terpaksa la lari sungguh-sungguh ke sana.It took about 500m la jugak nak sampai Kenanga Wholesale City tu.

Dapat la jugak grab fishtail blouse & blouse labuh dengan harga paling murah aku pernah jumpa.
Padahal,sebelum datang tu bajet tak nak beli apa-apa.Save duit.Untuk benda lain.
Argh,everything seems to be very captivated here and there.

Dalam 12.40 tengahari tu baru nak terkedek-kedek keluar Kenanga.Berlari jugaklah nak kejar tiket bas yang pukul 1 nak ke Sabak.Macam Amazing Race Asia pun ade hihihi apekebendatah.

Sampai Pudu,terus cek beg ade lagi ke tak.Alhamdulillah ade,selamat lagi tak kena sentuh.

Sampai Sabak Bernam.

Went to Secret Recipe...

The Friday.
Pepagi tu jogging di Stadium Sg. Besar.Aku yang nak jog sebenarnya,takut MARA nak physical test sebab stamina pun dah pancit teruk lepas PLKN.Dan dengan tanpa paksaan mereka sudi temankan jogging lepas subuh tu.Alhamdulillah,dapatla den jogging walaupun segan gila nak join amoi-amoi buat senamrobik kat stadium.Padahal kat PLKN dulu rilek rilek je senamrobik dan menari chacha & mimosa.

Kem lain,luar lain.

The raptai.Dalam 9.30 tu bertolak dari Sg.Besar ke SAMTSSAAS untuk raptai.Padahal tak raptai mana pun hihihi..menyembang je kerja.Entahapentah niat pasang masa datang sekolah,lain jadinya.

Pergi sekolah for Malam Mahabbah Rasul.Sebelum tu,'mama' ajak pergi jenjalan.So we went to Tonggak 10.


awarded Anugerah Pelajar Mithali.

Pictures are enough.Can't tell you more.Hee goodbye :)