Oct 12, 2013

In between Ego and Stubborn.

Specifically, ego can be defined as :

a. An exaggerated sense of self-importance; conceit.
b. Appropriate pride in oneself; self-esteem.

I am currently into the mood of writing,reading and listening and suddenly this crucial topic came into my mind like 'pop!' here I am writing this.

Indeed, every single person has his/her own self ego which it is a complementary of self pride and self esteem.I didnt mean to say that one with a  high self esteem would own a high ego.

In fact,one with a high self pride would own his/her own ego.

I would define ego as : the right to put ourself in a certain condition.As, we are into a fight.Yet someone feel hurted but no sorry is said.

He/she keeps in silence.Waiting for a sorry.

Is it wrong? I dont think so.I,myself I have my own ego.

When my self pride is pierced,and you just gave me a simple sorr written in a piece of paper..
would it be a really sorry?

Logically,you did a mistake.Why dont you show how enthusiasm you are in saying sorry,literally,spoken by words?a simple sentence?would it be that hard?

I went to a phase that -- if getting closer hurts,than far aparted is a choice.
I just,I dont think I am strong enough to be as closer as before but it does'nt mean that I did'nt forgive.

It's just that I fell down into deep traumatic and dilemma section,ranging in my head.Everytime I try to make everything clear for a new sunrise of relationship,it all goes dark.

It all turns gloomy.I am into my own ego of forgetting sins.God,it's just damn hard.

I never think how wrong I am,as I keep thinking of the other side's mistakes.

''if she did that at the first place...then this thing wont happen.'' would always be the best phrase for me.

Due to my critical way of thinking, I feel how I am not supposed to get everything the way it is as before a fight happened,and I would just let it go with the flow.

Just let it go.

Flow wont stop as river flow into the sea,and the sea would descended at a stretch of beach,goes back to the sea.

I am sorry, I do forgive people,but then -- trombin changes into trombokinase and it changes to prothrombin.The blood clots when a net a of erythrocyte is trapped..still, trace would be there.

A pierce in the heart would bleed and sore.

Forgiving is a sign of wisdom,ego is a sign of stupidity.