Apr 17, 2013


Sometimes, we have plenty of time until we dont know what to do, and found sleeping is the best action to spend time well.

But there will come a time, which you dont have enough time to do all kind of things in 24 hours.

I dont know what is wrong with Malaysia timezone, until I just hope that the clock stop ticking, and let me run all things sequently,orderly without any harsh.

I, sometimes hope that human would not be 'gifted' with sleep - as I just want to have abundance of time to make sure that all my plannings run well,can be done very well in its due date.

I, dont even have an enough time to put scarf on my head.
I, dont even have time to clean my messy locker.
I, dont even have time to fold  my shirts,baju kurung bla bla.

I just - I'm fatigue.
I am tired.
I dont know why.

Let the clock speak, why its ticking so fast until human raced to do everything.
And walk in a fast pace,to catch up everytime in the time being.


Laa haula walaa quwwata illa billah,
is the best supplement,afterall,for my fatigue body though.

Jangan lupa hauqalah, its the best vitamin for a fatigue body.