Dec 9, 2013


Assalamualaikum and hi to everyone !
finally finally finally everyone has done with SPM and I pray,

So here, I am extremely vulnerable with lotsa stuff post-spm and this morning,
2.13 a.m.-  I am infront of computer telling stories that I think i should write.
Coz someday I'm going to read all of my old posts in my blog and laughed all alone,
reminiscing old stuff and my quaint teen years.LOL to self please..

I was stucked at Sabak and that inhibited me alot from updating stories,
heck I'm into hectic scheduled life,
and hectic scheduled life droves to an increasing of appetite.
PATUTLAH BERAT NAIK O.5 kg jah oiiii !

I can still remember the first day I was in Sabak because that was the only day I felt having a long and unending journey.
I felt so bored throughout the whole journey, and I slept.
I never knew about Sabak Bernam before though I found this 'Sabak Bernam' word in Bahasa Melayu textbook when I was such a kid.

went to a 'coboy town' to find some things such as hanger etc etc and that was the first time I went to such pekan.
Yet today,that pekan contributed me alot.
That pekan was the best place to find food,gifts,dormitory accessories
all ensemble.

Time to say goodbye.
Paesi che non ho mai
veduto e vissuto con te,
adesso si li vivrò.
Con te partirò
su navi per mari
che, io lo so,
no, no, non esistono più,

Time to say goodbye
To countries I never
Saw and shared with you,
now, yes, I shall experience them.
I’ll go with you
On ships across seas
which, I know,

- con te partiro 

no, no, exist no longer,Hmm gonna miss sabak.
the anson bernam bus.
the 'prebet'.
the Billion.

Well really, Gombak does not seems to have a Billion store at all.
Besides, Jaya Jusco have been my family's best choice to seek for daily needs.
How different ._.

Here ; 
I attached some pictures and captions for those who are curious about my life :)

  was the last paper for us.Arabic.Thank God it's just an easy subject as we were exposed with Arabic language for SMA subjects.Inshaallah A+ !

 Heck I have to admit that most boys are 'wasim' (read :handsome) hahahaha grr sumpah geli.Insyaallah budak perempuannya pulak soleh belaka ameenn..was finished with arabic K1 so we grinned widely.Its freedom baby,freed from SPM !

 Used to be 10 but one of us went to Seseri - it's Marina.

 Part of us 

                                                     Returning text books and enchanted :0

  Teacher Mariam, gonna miss you very much teacher !! 
Teacher Mariam - she's the only teacher who expelled me out of Math class with some more 20+ friends for not finishing homework.The only teacher who asked us to do correction 10x for every single mark deducted from Math exam.

And thank god, math is easy for us now alhamdulillah.

 Dreamed of a photobooth and I made it real.

 This was the evening of Arabic paper.Craved much and bought maggie after fasting for almost a year.

 My girldfriend(weh jangan LGBT sangattt) *read girlfriend: kawan baik

 One of my friend through thick and thin,one who teaches almost everything.Been through exams together and the topsy turvy of rankings was'nt a big deal.

  Special thanks to Cikgu Fatehah from Intesaber.Such a good photographer .

 Fadzlin Syakirah : indeed the best motivator for me ! Alhamdulillah that I found you.
A daughter of a nurse and she wants to be a doctor.Hope your dream comes true dear.

Goodbye SAMT and friends..
for those who intended in joining STAM - proceed please !
Fot those who are going to participate in PLKN : well best of luck maybe? :)

Insyaallah,till we meet again.
Hope for 11 A's and..
bismillahi tawakkaltu 'alallah,wala haula walaa quwwata illa billah..

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