Dec 25, 2013

#TIPS : Choosing stream for dummies

Assalamualaikum everyone.Since I have finished from high school(yyeeyyy) and I got plenty of time to do..I would like to give some tips and tricks in choosing stream for pmr leavers.For me, choosing the correct stream is crucial as we will remain on a right track for the future.

Yeap! Future always depends on present.Tell me who said that future never have any relation to present? Its a no.A correct-exact-accurate stream will help you in a bigger view in future.

So hey,let's start !

Take a brain test.

Take ujian minat kerjaya test (founder : uitm)

What is your ambition?

What is your tendency?

Sometimes people choose science stream as they prefer fame instead of academics itself.
I,myself,I hate Physics so much that I couldnt even able to understand up until I am about to sit for trial exam.Knowing what is your tendency helps you alot in choosing an accurate career.

Plus,science stream or arts stream is just the same.Just because it is science stream it doesn't mean that one who took that stream is cooler than you.

I met so much people who think science stream is easy but at the end they did'nt carry good marks in exams.They dont even scored credit.So it is so important for pmr leavers to think deeply before choosing streams.

You know,if you are good in arts stream than just go  further with arts.There are certain people who put some kind of mentality that : one who took science is smarter than one who took arts.

No that is not a good mentality.Because at the end, if you are an expert in your field,then you are a smart student in your own field.

Fame always put most students to choose science instead of arts that at the end,it kills,set aside those way of thinking.Let people say what they wanna say.If we know how to measure our ability,then its good.

For your record,I am not an excellent student in science stream.Rather than really good in science,I work hard so I could understand.I stayed up late,I did study like crazy,and alhamdulillah at the end Alah gives me that understanding in knowledge.

I have tendency in using right brain instead of left brain though.And my career in future is not really connected to science stream.But I want to learn it.And I did it.


Because through  science stream, I learn infinite knowledge.I discovered alot that makes me know Allah better through his creations.Indeed,I never regret taking science stream.

So,do all four exams before choosing stream.Then inshaallah, you will choose the best decision for you.Goodluck!