Dec 25, 2013

#TIPS : Choosing stream for dummies

Assalamualaikum everyone.Since I have finished from high school(yyeeyyy) and I got plenty of time to do..I would like to give some tips and tricks in choosing stream for pmr leavers.For me, choosing the correct stream is crucial as we will remain on a right track for the future.

Yeap! Future always depends on present.Tell me who said that future never have any relation to present? Its a no.A correct-exact-accurate stream will help you in a bigger view in future.

So hey,let's start !

Take a brain test.

Take ujian minat kerjaya test (founder : uitm)

What is your ambition?

What is your tendency?

Sometimes people choose science stream as they prefer fame instead of academics itself.
I,myself,I hate Physics so much that I couldnt even able to understand up until I am about to sit for trial exam.Knowing what is your tendency helps you alot in choosing an accurate career.

Plus,science stream or arts stream is just the same.Just because it is science stream it doesn't mean that one who took that stream is cooler than you.

I met so much people who think science stream is easy but at the end they did'nt carry good marks in exams.They dont even scored credit.So it is so important for pmr leavers to think deeply before choosing streams.

You know,if you are good in arts stream than just go  further with arts.There are certain people who put some kind of mentality that : one who took science is smarter than one who took arts.

No that is not a good mentality.Because at the end, if you are an expert in your field,then you are a smart student in your own field.

Fame always put most students to choose science instead of arts that at the end,it kills,set aside those way of thinking.Let people say what they wanna say.If we know how to measure our ability,then its good.

For your record,I am not an excellent student in science stream.Rather than really good in science,I work hard so I could understand.I stayed up late,I did study like crazy,and alhamdulillah at the end Alah gives me that understanding in knowledge.

I have tendency in using right brain instead of left brain though.And my career in future is not really connected to science stream.But I want to learn it.And I did it.


Because through  science stream, I learn infinite knowledge.I discovered alot that makes me know Allah better through his creations.Indeed,I never regret taking science stream.

So,do all four exams before choosing stream.Then inshaallah, you will choose the best decision for you.Goodluck!

Dec 19, 2013

Short Trip To Banda Aceh

Assalamualaikum everyone :)

It has been a while since my last post which is proportional to my days after being a SPM Candidate.
Going through life after SPM is quite good and sometimes boring.I miss doing Additional Mathematics homework and Physics like undescriable.

I miss learning lessons and packed classes.I miss listening to teacher's voice ranging in the class telling me to wake up from my beautiful cinderella dream and get ready for your future.

Ah ape gua merepek ni -__-''

14th-17th of December : I was not in Malaysia.Having a simple vacation to Banda Aceh.Why Banda Aceh? Is there anything great about that place? Yes it does for those who have a clear vision for travelling.If you are travelling to search for a stretch of beautiful beaches,yes Banda Aceh is the best choice.For those who wants to feel the meaning of Islamic Travelling : You will never wrong going there.

Reminiscing my days at Banda Aceh,I need to write the WHOLE journey so I'm sorry if ou guys are getting bored or having blog sickness due to reading about my travel diary.Hehe =]

Day One.

Departed at 4:00 pm (Malaysia timezone) and reached Banda Aceh 4:30.The journe took 1hour 30 minutes and the difference in timezine is one hour.Minus one hour from Malaysia's timezone.

Arrived Sultan Iskandar Muda airport.It took 20 minutes from airport to the center of Banda Aceh.

Managed to snap a picture with mommy during the arrival and waiting for the slowww immigration.

 Stayed overnight at Hotel Sulthan.It is a decent hotel with good service and staffs were helping alot.It is one of the best hotel at Banda Aceh along with Hotel Madinah and Hotel Makkah(still under construction).
I don't know the rate but sure it is cheaper than Malaysia wiwiwiwiwiw.I suggest those who wish to travel Banda Aceh to choose this hotel as it is near to pekan and provide good services once you step into the main entrance of the hotel.

Well,we managed to visit Monumen Tsunami located at Kampung Siron.About 14618 victims of tsunami were graved here.

Had dinner at Warung Haji Hasan.Condusive,yet the best dish ever!

Day two
Way to Lhokseumaweeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
It took almost 6 hours of journey which we ended up with dizziness and boring sickness.

                                                                          Le breakfast.

 Had dizziness sebenarnya.So stop by to buy food and stuffs.Lepastu jumpa keropok yang boleh merawat rasa muntah.Wuuu xD

During the journey,saw a wedding done traditionally by Indonesian people.Siap bagi tebu lagi sebagai hantaran '__'

Lunch time :)

 Behind the restaurant is a river that attracts most people.Macam RnR la tempat restoren tu.But be prepared,cause the musolla provided bercampur lelaki perempuan.Nak ambil wudhu' pun kena pandai la because kena share kolah lelaki perempuan.At the first place, we intended to just pray here but seeing the condition--we cancelled the plan.

Visited Makam Tun Sri Lanang and his house.

Visited Makam 8 Syuhada .

  Had some view of Lhokseumawe beach while eating rojak buah and coconut drink.

Coconut drink.

Rojak buah.

Visited Suzuya market.God,dreaded enough with sweat as there is any air-conditioner.
Piuhhh piuhh !

had dinner around our hotel.
Memang cara mereka kot,they served dish with whatever they have--
at the table.
Dare to eat that much?
Dorang ni kalau kita tak sentuh lauk tu,tak kira bayar lah.Kalau makan,baru dia kira.
So far I think their foods are healthy and suits my stomach.Ni pun training duduk Sabak Bernam dan dah boleh churn makanan Indonesia aka Jawa though persamaan Jawa dengan Aceh taklah banyak.
Still,I can eat their food.Yummy!

Day 3

Patah balik ke Banda Aceh.

Jadi kami menginap di Hotel Lido Graha.The only 3 star hotel di Lhokseumawe.

Melawat Makam Sultan Malikussaleh.Kebanyakan rakyat tempatan sini muka lain.Macam berkulit gelap dan tak cukup nutrisi.Mungkinkah mereka menghidap penyakit kekurang macronutrien dan mendatangkan pelbagai side effect? Haha tahlaa..

Mengikut cerita,semasa Tsunami melanda,ombak terbelah dua di makam ini.Jadi,kebanyakan orang ramai berlindung dimakam ini dan memang ada yang menyaksikan kejadian yang ajaib ini.Disini juga anda akan berjumpa seorang lelaki berusia 60-an yang memang mahir Sejarah dan seringkali dijemput hadir ke Malaysia.

Serta,terdapat Pesantren hasil duit orang Malaysia.Wah wah hebat gituu =)

Ni makam Ratu yang merupakan keturunan Sultan Malikul Saleh.The only ratu dilantik oleh ulama' dalam Kerajaan Samudera Pasee.

Ni kerabat punya kubur.

Orang yang akan menerangkan kepada anda sejarah salasilah semuanya.

Singgah solat.

Warung Habiby.Silalah kegerai ini ! Anda pasti suka sangattt !

Sini untuk makan malam.Zakir warkop yang sangat terkenal di Banda Aceh.Makan mee dan segala amatlah sesuai disini.Tapi bila aku makan,tiba-tiba batuk.Mungkin rempah dalam masakan terlalu banyak.Tapi alhamdulillah,makan mee pun sedap !

Kuala yang turut dilanda tsunami

 Singgah ke kapal yang atas bumbung akibat ombak tsunami.Disebabkan ombak,ia menolak kapal hingga ke bumbung serta kekal hingga hari ini.

Masjid Baiturrahman.

Muzium Tsunami

Masjid Baiturrahim.*the only bangunan terselamat di Ulee Lheue