Aug 14, 2013


In every moment that I feel I couldnt handle myself,
with shackles of life that I bear,
every single moment that I feel pressure.Stressed.Its just..undefinable.

So,what I did is that : I look at the nature.I look at greenery scenes.I look at the scene of Batu 38 Sabak Bernam at the third floor of the dormitory.

I look at people's everyday routine.The pakcik riding bicycle to the mosque.Or children playing at the side of the road while waiting for their parents.

Then I just make a simple conclusin just now : that I love nature.

Ehhhh Balqis loves nature :)

Indeed, at the first place I dont understand why people choose to go to beaches,mountains,beautiful places to search for serenity.Tranquility.I couldnt churn or even digest it.

Me,too.Though.Unaccidentall.But I guess everyone's looking for nature,aint ya?

Then I think deeper.Its not that nature that we seek.Nor its beautyness.NO.

But it's creator.When we look at the skies,clouds,mountains and other beautiful mothernature,

its creator that we seek,we ask for serenity.We,actually seek for God during hard times.When we feel so hopeless.When we need green to breath.To fill our bad times our depression.Oh,awesome!

I loves nature.I love taking pictures of nature.I love everything about its beautyness and greenery.The lush of of trees,fruits,and grasses.

Oh and sawah padi along Tanjung Karang and Sekinchan - all the way from KL to Sabak Bernam.

Indeed,Allah is the Best Creator.Allah creates everything beautifully.The sky,cloud,sea.I loveeeee every single little thing that Allah created.

Thanks god,when you created even a single tree -- all that I remember is you.
the giver of Oxygen.
The One who conducts photosynthesis.
The One who runs respiration.
the One who produce glucose for plants :)

Thank you,for every scenery and oh : Eyes that I am able to savour :)

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Azimah Shukor said...

SERIOUSLY SUKA this piccc love it so much....