Jul 26, 2013

3 Minggu Yang Berlalu

I think I'm in the cloud 9 :)) Hee browsing internet,having a proper life,

Three weeks I was stucked in Sabak Bernam.Busying myself with studies,revisions,group discussion,
the Ihya' Ramadhan programme, iftar and etc.

I think this is the best achievement for me.

First, I managed to constraint myself from being home in the second week (because we are still allowed to go home but must have a letter to get the permission or atleast sms/call from guardian),
but then, I close my eyes and say no.
I shouldnt be home.
I should be in Sabak Bernam.

It took pain and tears sacrificing self to fast in Sabak Bernam for 3 months without enjoying Ramadhan with family.
It couldnt deny that SaBer's food and menu for sahur and iftar is so good though.
Imagine you have variety of food until it couldnt fit your penjara tray ( or so-called-as-IPAD).Kahkah

Yeszzaa,I love SaBer's menu.
Fine,it is one of the reason why I'm getting fatter hikhikss.

So, after making decision to not to go home,
I spent most of my time for revision and group discussion.I thanked Ain Soofiyah (Biology and Chemistry) and Fatin Nadhirah + Azlinie (Physics and Addmaths).
I swear they're cool to make friend and brainy to make study member.

Oh hee,Soofiyah have been my partner eating Maggi and Milo during that Saturday and Sunday.
Obviously we are not fasting ehehehh (God I shouldnt tell you this).

Having Soofiyah eating Maggie was fun though.
We shared stories,foods,hungriness.Lepastu makan sorok-sorok.Hahahaha..

I couldnt remember when we both went to Form 1's dormitory,
''assalamualaikum..kat sini siapa ada maggie???nakk beliiii!!!"

I swear this is m first and last time asking maggie in the afternoon for a lunch in the month of Ramadhan.
Soofiyah la ni yang ajar ;P;P

well, during the month of Ramadhan, I spent my night sleeping at the Musolla.
Solely because we want to make group discussion but the light's off after 11.30 pm.
But then,after the group discussion that ended about 1.30-2.00 am,we slept.
Woke up about 4.30 to sahur at Dewan Makan (without brushing teeth,imagine that?!) and took a bath.
Qiamullail.Continue revising(or sleeping?) until Subuh.

Subhanallah,I should reward myself for this very enermous achievements :))

Woke up at 4.30 - First achievement
Study group until 2.00 am - Second achievemnt
Sleep at the musolla instead of bed - 3rd achievement
Sahur at Dewan Makan - 4th achievement
Ate maggie 3 times a week - 5th achievement

There's alot to list down though but I think this 5 achievements made me proud of myself.
I feel..
I'M GOOD.I'M THE BEST.(ellehhh)

Note that ;
1- Balqis Azhar bangun paling awal pun 5.30
2-Stay up will only occur during exams.
3-I love my bed.I could even eat and study on my bed.Tidur selain kat katil is a no-no for me.
Note that I hate to sit at the floor
4-The most sahur I've ever had when I was in form 3 which I actually doing my sahur at dormitory,with kurma or water.
5-I promise to self not to eat fast food during the early month of January 2013, I break my promise.Tremendously 3 maggie and some more junkfood eg: Mister Potato.(Blame my mensruation)

Hehe.Tu jela kot.
I need to finish up with all homeworks given.
The trial is just around the corner.
Bye everyone ! 
(Doa is needed,alert that) :))

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