May 24, 2013

To the point of uncertainity.

I have reach the point of uncertainity.
The point where I almost fail before the time,
the time that I'm going to face it on November.
That point,really caused a big pain to me and I knew I was dumbfounded by that point of uncertainity.

I was lost,
I thought I would never able to reach for my aim.
I thought I have no strength.
I though I could never able to pass through all the obstacles resisting my way.

But as I said before, I have reach that point of uncertainity and I'm already passed.
I'm contented.
I feel good.
I feel highly determined.

I know I will get straight A's in SPM !

1 comment:

Miss Xyz said...

You have such a confidence level and I admire you for that.

All the best for yer SPM and remember if you doesnt get what you wanted to archieve (well based on your confidence In sya Allah I dont think so) but IF it happened, my brother said, "Spm ni untuk 'lulus' masuk universiti je dan apa yang penting lepas tu." something like that hihi.

Anyway, I dont mean to bring your spirit down. struggle and got those A+ that you wanted!