May 6, 2013

Take a step behind and re-think

Lately, I found myself lost.Ive been into critical situations,I am tired.I got gastric, I'm fatigue.I had fever.

But the most and biggest problem I critically struggling is my own flaws.My flaws hurt other people.Feelings,and emotions.

I am deeply into confiusness.I mean,I am being so busy, I dont even care of other people feelings.

If you were on my shoe, you'll realise the same thing.That you dont have time for yourself and others.

I am sorry,I knew my bad attitude.I should become better.A better person.

Just because I am lost with my pressure and stressful days,day by day,
I should have time to muhasabah myself.

i am sorry teachers, I know my bad.
I am sorry friends.

I never meant with my attitude, but I mean my sorry.

Rewinding back to weeks ago.

I cried because I am tired.and sleepless.
I cried during additional mathematics class, as I could not understand the Trigometry topic.

Ya allahhh.......could somebody step on my shoe ? And understand that, I dont have time to handle everything at the same hand, because I am only a human-with two hands.I am not able to take care of people around me the same.

That's my problem.
That's human .
Thats mean,I am normal.

That's it.

Putting oneself on another person's shoe make you realise and become empathy.
No doubt.
No bad-mouthed.
No slanders.
No assumptions.

Thats just it.

Man , I should do Biology now.

Goodbye, see you another three weeks.

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