May 29, 2013


and everything in between.

Just imagine today, berapa kali kita solat really on time? Waking up ourself from doing everything we do, and take ablution,takbir.And enjoy talking to God.

Indeed, I must say, I'm not part of people who are doing solaah on time,for 5 prayers.Everyday.
Basically,kalau di asrama memang betullah terjaga.
Really.Sebab kita ada rutin.Kan?

What is the outcome,when we fail to do the same thing at home?
The congregation?

Are we really istiqamah,or consistent doing it?
No,for sure.

As for me,kalau kat asrama tu,yang paling susah nak jaga adalah asr.
Why? Because...aku selalu tidur time prep petang,lepastu balik berlari-lari naik dorm,sambung tidur.
By that time,tak azan lagi.
Still,bangun-bangun dah lima something,rasa sembahyang tu lambaaatt sangat.
Sebab kita dahulukan tidur,baru solat.

Tapi rumah? We feel like 5 suku is still early for solah.We feel like 6.30 is normal in performing subuh prayer.
Yet,that's not normal when we are in asrama.



Frankly speaking, it is hard to stop ourself from doing something when we heard the azan.But sometimes, it is easy.Depending on Imaan? Yes.

True,what Allah says in the Quran :

Certainly will the believers have succeeded:
They who are during their prayer humbly submissive
And they who turn away from ill speech
(Al Mukminun)

because life is so hard but taking care of solaah is like carrying a fragile object in our palms.
When we hold too hard,it'll broken.
When we fail to take a good care, it will broken.
When we put it at somewhere and we forgot, it'll be missing.

That's solaah.Afterall,fragile things are exclusive,worthy,mahal and hardly to find kan?
Then whyy,whyy we intend to do everything in a fast pace,but not solaah?
Why it seems so hard to answer His call?

Allah.I should ask myself.
Do I really,easy to wake up for fajr prayer without Abah knocking my door?
or my friend's waking me up during in hostel.

I must say, not really yes.
But not really no.

Maafkan aku, Tuhan kerana tidak menjaga solat.Maafkan aku andai menunaikan solat yang bersandarkan 'asalkan solat'.Maafkan aku Tuhan,mendahulukan makhluk melebihiMu.

Maafkan kami,umat akhir zaman.Yang imannya, yazid wa yanqus.

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