Mar 30, 2013


Alangkah susah menjadi seorang wanita solehah.

A girl who is free from commiting sins, big sins I mean.

A girl who protect her eyes from looking at her non-muhrim.

A girl who is freely, free from remembering one she should not think of.

A girl who always obey her parents.

A girl who knows how to cook,sew,washing dishes,cleaning house.

A girl who always perform solah at the early of the time, and read AlQuran everyday.

You know how it feels like, knowing that hmm you are 17 already and you should be prepared.

Awh I always thought, being an adult is easy.Is a freedom.Is delightful.

But I seldom remember, that I frequently wrong.

I should try, try to be better everyday.

But everytime I found someone,subjectively better than me,

I just find myself flawful.I really am.But isnt it wrong seeking for perfection?

I knowwwww, being a muslimah is a struggle.Please, try to put your feet into my shoe and you'll find its not easy to fit in.Man outside, please.. You just cant fit into my shoe size.

You just dont know how struggle I am, becoming a good muslimah.

Who prays tahajjud everyday.
Who memorize AlQuran.
Who, her heart is full with knowledge.

I'm just , not yet - but I'm getting nearer to my benchmark.


Before I saw the real world,
I oftenly heard a dialogue between mother and father ;
''That I love you, will always love you, till the end of my life..''

But that's just too young for me to understand what is 'love'.
I remember my agreement with Allah s.w.t.,
''Alastu birabbikum?'', and I said, with full of realization, full-heartedly,

That time, I only knew Allah is the first love.The divine love.Prophet Muhammad comes next,
and this,the person who carries me, is the love - from homosapien I havent seen yet.
that without her, I wont be a sack,of bloodful.

What is love?
Getting older, being teenager; I did.I understand what is love.
Love  is what makes you obey Allah's rule.Love is sweet, but it is not only about sweetness.Love is what that creates me, 
Love that produces peaceful,and tranquility.Love is happiness.

Thank God, I knew the first love since I was in my mother's womb.Until I saw 'you',
you are the next.
that I would fulfil my devotion.



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Imprezaawie said...

jangan risau...insyaallah saudari boleh masuk dalam golongan wanita solehah...hidup ini adalah pilihan kita,kita yang pilih jalan mana yang ingin kita lalui...jadi,buatlah pilihan terbaik,nescaya Allah sentiasa bersama saudari...

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