Feb 12, 2013

Instagram :)

Bismillahirrahmaanirrahim.Assalamualaikum w.b.t and heyyyyy its been so long I am not writing about myself (as always kakakakaka ).

For about a year Ive been tormenting myself in envyness, to people who have an Instagram account.

I knew its just such a numb acting like that and said;

"Untunglaaaa untunglaaaa ade Instagram".

You know how it feels like to dont own any phone,lagi-lagi smartphone.
you know how it feels seeing people editing pictures using Instagram but you dont do that.

Argh discrimination!
So I tried to google Instagram for pc but the results is, no they dont have any.
yes you may sign in and see other people's account but you could'nt edit all you pictures using Instagram editor.

finally I found so called Instagram for pc (kononnya) which is but yet aku rasa macam tak cukup.Theres a hole.

so I decide to use :) But one fine day, mak aku ambil aku di asrama and I saw her holding a tab and my eyes shone,

'Wooohhhhhh inilah masanya untuk Instagram!'. Hakhakhakhak.

Jadi sekarang aku makin bertambah-tambah aktif di Instagram maka terbengkalailah Blogspot macamtu jee. I knew it seems so unfair menganak tirikan anak kandung yang selama ni jadi darah daging tapi tak salah kan kita sentiasa bersama anak susuan?(ahhh amende yang aku merepek tah) but I really in love with Instagram !

So now count how many 'Instagram' words that I mentioned in this post haha lolx.

here are some pictures from my Instagram account,

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