Feb 11, 2013

February Version - Discipline and Solaah.

I knew people's waiting for my latest stor and updates but honestly I really wanted to do so.
But I've got to go.Really got to go.For I have tonnes of homeworkd and loads of responsibility to be settle with.
I knew this kinda hurts, but I just hope that time would walked slowly in its dimension  so I could walk into it without being left behind in my own world.

I really sorry ;(  But I promised you, once everything's already settle, I would compile all stories into one short entry that would satisfy people.
So here's the February project.
It's about discipline and solah.Take time,read them.Inshaallah, it will give benefits to us, or at least something 
good :)
So bye,assalamualaikum!
First page.

Second page.

for  a wider and bigger view :)

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