Dec 14, 2012

How to manage time for SPM 2013 Candidates.

Assalamualaikum and good safar everyone !

"Demi masa. Sesungguhnya manusia itu benar-benar berada dalam kerugian. Kecuali orang-orang yang beriman dan mengerjakan amal saleh dan nasehat menasehati supaya mentaati kebenaran dan nasehat menasehati supaya menetapi kesabaran." (Al-`Ashr: 1-3)

Well this topic is quite interesting to talk about,as I'll talk personally and at the same time..we will try to find resolution for our problem regarding how to manage our time.

Let's be productive people! You never too late anyway.

Soo~ thinking how bad I waste my holiday unproductively, I just realized,
''man I gotta do something.It's already 14th December! ''

Well actually, I think I've spent time better than any school holiday before.I even sleep before subuh ( hahaha something should proud of) because yeah, its been two year since 2010 I'm changing my body biology by sleeping after subuh.Or worst,after Dhuha prayer.And I'd sleep in the morning until dzuhur.Wow I think alhamdulillah, I've stop this bad habit this year.=D

Bytheway,back to the we all know that I'm going to sit for espyemm( read : SPM ) to manage my time productively during holiday is crucial.Repeat ; crucial !!

Another bad habit of mine is that, I love to sleep blergh.How I wish I can sleep least.Hmm..Insyaallah I'll try my best to change this bad habit insyaallah !! With full of determination and perseverance to fight nafs yeah yeah :))

Straight to how to spend our time the best for espyemm.(this gonna be a long post lol )

Make sure that you spend your time revising subjects 3 hours ( at least ) a day. This excluded your time to do homeworks or tutorial or group study.When you're getting nearer to Jihad ( its exam actually, my friends call it as jihad as we'll fight like a war ) , do study about 5 hours a day.It doesnt mean you have to study 5 hours non-stop.No.Take 1 hour before subuh, 2 hour in the evening, and another 2 hour during night.

During class lesson,be happy ! Do enjoy and take part in class lesson.It means, you must make yourself participate in whatever activities or quizzes your teachers make for you.I've been into that situation, and I found out that this is the easiest way to not to SLEEP in class.Yeyy ;) Antidot dah jumpaa~~

Prepare what you wanna do on that day specifically , and make some what-to-do list for week schedule also  by generally.Do tick what you've done so that you'll know what you have'nt done yet.Trust me, once you do this, you'll become extremely zealous in finishing all the what-to-do.

Reward yourself !! When I was taking PMR , whenever I achieve a progress in exam or I've finished tonnes of homework..I'd grant myself by eating ~~~ (p/s: menu di asrama bukanlah makanan chicken chop or tutti frutti, but rather than roti campur ais krim emm yummy~).I also reward myself by reading =') Couldnt resist man,I just love reading !

Find the best time  to study.As for me, I'd rather to stay up or study during night instead of during asar time.
How about you?

Sleep less !!!! (peh apsal banyak tanda seru nih blergh xD )

Twitter ? Blog ? Facebook ? Tumblr ? Oh come on ! SPM doesnt mean you cant do all this..yeah..unfortunately, YES but you must lessen the time.Just for less than a year and horreyy you can do what you wanna do...(p/s : I'm going to deactivate my Facebook acc bukan main-main).

Do  alot of practise.You *and me, cant rely solely on teachers k.Put some effort and sacrification to it. Like, buying own notebooks,exercise books.

Give.Give sedekah.Trust me, it worth it.Its the shortest way to grab success.

Set your intention to learn because of ALLAHU , and for the sake of Ummah.Also, set your heart and du'a,

''Ya Allah please brighten my heart to gain knowledge.Ya allah please make me master in this subject cuz I'll teach my friends, and I wanna contribute to ummah.'' 

This is what Dr Fadzilah Kamsah taught me when we met at PWTC. ^_^

read surah Al-Waqiah.Pray that may Allah easier your future and ease your way.Aamiin :)

Last and the most important,
Ask do'a from your parents.When I was taking PMR, I suruh nenek opah tok ayah segala bagai suruh baca do'a untuk aku.haha..siap suruh baca yasin lagi tuh mintak doakan 9A.Masa SMA pun gitu gak ! Wew alhamdulillah,I really find its working dude.

This is the last paragraph and I'm not joking, spend your time very well.Yep its never too late although you might find the phrase 'its too late' in managing time.No, you dont have to hold on to that phrase.Just believe that Allah has give us 24 hours a day and set your day to be the best day ever.Also, make yourself productive, and no tense okay ;) Smile as it will lessen your burden, and release all your tiredness insyaallah.