Apr 28, 2012

CLEAN ! * Without no version

In the eye of a 16 years 20 days old  students.
Whom are stilll struggling for high school educational system.
Obviously I am in Form 4 and into science stream class.
Okay ! Done my introduction.

Everyone has their own political views.
Me too,Ive my own personal political views.In a wide range , of course.
With our different political views,we fought for our party everytime the election's year came up.
Indeed,we hope that the party that we support would win , and bring a betterment in development for country, and bring prosperity to nation.
The main problem is , can we ensure that with our current political status, we can built a stronger country ? Will civilisation becomes reality ? The answer is no.
There are some colony in this earth already knew that  Malaysia are  implementeing democracy.In a right way for sure ! With our different political views, there are some annoying people that keep on condemning other people,just because they are not supporting on what party  we are standing on.

Come on ! Are you thinking that every single person in this world have the same way of thinking ?
Way of act ? Way of even way of observing thing ???

Those that are saying "Yes,people have the same way of thinking" are seriously numbskull.

Allah gives us with different ability and mind standard.We see everything in a different perspective.
We act different in the same problem.We did think differently with each other , so that every ideas will be unique,and it cheer up the world.

Back to main point.
I once have been through this circumstances.
I made a status in FB,saying that :

"Aku tak sokong Bersih."

and obviously I dont condemn anything about Bersih,not at all.
And I read all the annoying comments given. I was like , whats on earth youre acting like ???!!

They condemn me , saying that " Fikir2kanlah..kebenaran pasti tmbul jua..bagai3..bla..bla..".

and I deleted the status.
Come on lah.Its my life . I am bloody hell dont care of what youre supporting at.I dont give a damn of what they're supporting,and me too I am not being possessed in any party.
I just have my own personal opinion.

I think..
they're wasting their time.
they have a better way.
they're making a big trouble on this peaceful Saturday.
Many places are deserted in KL without customers.
This day has been through weirdly.

Yes.I hold on a princip,
"Eventhough I am supporting in a particular party,it doesnt mean that the party that we are supporting is totally right , and in contrary.So, I do think that people's voice are louder that words.I do believe.
But not this demonstration.I support that they want a clean election , but not this way.
You still have many medium.Too many.

Bersih is not wrong if it is being held in a halal way.
With permission from Gov, without any anger-yeld,without doing any destructions.
And no littering.

But can we make sure that it all wont happen ?
I dont know either Bersih is right or wrong after watching this video.

And I think Police and Bersih are both wrong.

In a different perspective, I think that people need a noble akhlaq , instead of getting themselves busy of changing our current Government.

Lets change our akhlak.May a good and blessful country become ours.